Discord How to unban or ban another annoying user on Discord from the server? The Discord application is one of the most used to communicate in…

The Discord application is one of the most used to communicate today, thanks to the ease and interesting options it offers. It integrates many features, from viewing and using multiple call rooms simultaneously, to NSFW channels on Discord. In fact, you can create one of these channels, but first, you must know how ban someone from your server to maintain control.

Is banning the same as blocking a Discord user?

The first thing is to understand what does ban mean and what is blocking a user on Discord. If you decide to ban a user you will remove them from your Discord server, but they will still be your friend if you have added them. Blocking a user won’t get them off your Discord server, but messages they send will show as blocked and they won’t be able to write to you.

How to block another user on Discord to limit their actions?

Once knowing the difference between banning and blocking a user, it is time that you know how to use these functions. Blocking a user on your Discord server will be as easy as locating them, right-clicking on them and selecting ‘Block’. You can also do this from your profile.

How do you enter the platform to block a user?

You can enter and block a user from Discord using the Discord App in the browser and from the cell phone or PC. Once you access the page or the application you will have to go to the chat or search for it in the list of users on your server.

unban or discord another annoying user from the server

Where is the user to be deleted selected?

If you wish remove a user from your Discord server You can do it from the chat or the menu of your server. If you have music bots on your Discord server or any other type of bot you have to be careful not to delete it. We comment on the above, since both users and bots will appear on the right side of your server.

Learn how to open the dropdown menu of the user you want to ban

Once you know how to download Discord on your mobile or PCM you will have to access the server where the user is located. To see the menu that contains the option that allows you to ban a user, you will have to right click on the user. In this menu, click on the ‘Ban a’ option.

The reason and how long you want to ban the other person

When you select the user you want to ban some form data will be displayed. The first field is the message history to delete. The other option that will appear is a field to write the reason why you want to ban the user from your Discord server.

What can be done if you want to unban the user again?

Unban a user that you blocked earlier is very easy to do. To unban, you go to the list of servers, there find yours and press right click and choose ‘Server settings’. After the above, you must click on ‘Bans’ so that the banned users are shown, when you click on one of them, the revoke option will appear.

unban or discord another annoying user from the server

Which server has to be selected for this?

In case you have server neighborhoods or have a certain rank in other servers, you will have to select the server you want to modify to user. On many occasions several servers are administered, for this reason, it is important that you select the appropriate one to unban the user.

What options does Server Settings present us?

The option of server settings will allow us to modify several sections of the server, from roles, bots, to user management. This great customization is one of the reasons why Discord is so popular, since it provides facilities to control private or public servers.

Look for user management to complete your unban

If you want specify an unban or revoke it you will have to search from the ‘Server settings’ option specifically ‘User management’. In the Baneos’ section, the users banned from the selected server and the options to revoke the ban will appear.

What things can be done to improve security on Discord?

If you have a server and want to improve its security, there are several methods you can try. One option is create private channels on Discord or grant permissions to other users. Similarly, keeping track of users who can enter is also important.

How do the private channels of Discord accounts work?

Private channels on Discord allow establish roles between users. Thanks to the above, it is possible to grant a role to users. When giving roles, you can create a channel that is only visible to those who fulfill a certain role, which allows you to have a very private channel.

unblock a user or block them on discord

What is chat moderation and how is it handled?

Moderating chats is something very common in current networks, it is something that we can see in Twitch direct, Facebook groups and even on Discord servers. chat moderation allows to control the fluency of the messages and the words that can be used. With the above, you can set the limits that you consider appropriate in your channel or server.

Is it possible to choose who adds you as a friend on Discord?

Choosing who adds you as a friend on Discord It will allow you to not have so many friend requests and avoid unknown users. To adjust these options you will have to go to ‘User settings’, then click on ‘Privacy and security’ and finally select ‘Who can add you as a friend’. Finally, make the configurations in relation to your needs.