DOOM Ray Traced; the FPS classic gets a modern coat of paint and it looks amazing

DOOM Ray Traced

DOOM is a game that simply does not go out of style, we are already close to its 30th anniversary, and this week we have received the amazing news, of this mod called DOOM Ray Traced, which gives new life to this classicincorporating 3D ray tracing removal techniques, without modifying the original game; and the result is simply great.

The author of this mod is called Sultim Tsyrendashiev, a Software Engineer graduated from the University of Saint Petersburg, who has released this modification of the original DOOM on github, which can be downloaded for free, yes, with the condition of that you have an original version of DOOM for PC, something that is not difficult to achieve these days, since the game is very affordable given its age.

As we have already mentioned in other articles, classic DOOM is one of the fathers of 3D first-person shooter video games, better known as FPS for its acronym in English, with a very active community of players to this day, which, among other, they have very strange challengeslike making the game work on anything they can (such as a pregnancy test).

However, Tsyrendashiev’s DOOM Ray Traced Mod is special, because it breathes new life into the original game, without changing its textures or levels; so it’s the same game, but with the addition of next-gen 3D lighting management, which makes the game feel much more immersive and alive.

DOOM Ray Traced

It is worth mentioning that this is not an official id Software or Bethesda project, which is why, according to Tsyrendashiev, about DOOM Ray Traced, it is still only compatible with Nvidia video cards, so it invites more people to donate to your project, so you can add support for AMD cards.

DOOM Ray Traced

If this trailer has you really wanting to play DOOM and you don’t have it in its PC version, you might still be in luck, as with its 30th anniversary approaching, id Software recently released a tremendous compilation of the best DOOM classics for all the latest generation consoles, so if you have one of them, you can go to the video game store right now and buy a digital version of your favorite DOOM.

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