Enjoy GeForce Now with native support for Macs M1

Enjoy GeForce Now with native support for Macs M1

The GeForce Now cloud gaming service has been updated to include native support for Mac computers with Apple Silicon chips. In this way, all those users who have a macbook, iMac either macmini with M1 chip, they will be able to access the platform.

Without a doubt, this is news of interest, since until now, all those who had Mac computers with the new Apple architecture had to access the platform through the web browser (Safari or another), with the worst experience what this entails.

The macOS version 2.0.40 update now allows GeForce Now to run natively on Mac M1 machines without resorting to an emulator, using the GeForce Now compatibility layer. Rosette 2.

What are the benefits of native GeForce Now support for M1 Macs?

Without a doubt, the advantages are quite significant. Running natively not only improves the user interface, but also makes it possible to reduce the loading times of game titles.

The power consumption of laptops when you connect to the platform is also optimized GeForce Now using the device battery.

Nvidia has also added the option to display game FPS (rendered frames per second), which is in addition to the already present broadcast FPS (relayed frames per second).

Along with the software update carried out by Nvidia for users of Mac computers, the company has also added a total of 14 new games that are released in its library of titles:

Currently, the GeForce Now cloud gaming service has different pricing plans and modes of payment. subscription which starts at €9.99 per month. It is available for different platforms such as PC, Mac, Android TV, as well as Android and iOS mobiles.

If you choose to purchase one of the GeForce RTX 3060, 3070 or 3080 graphics cards, the company provides you with a free subscription to GeForce Now for a period of 6 months.