Etsy Etsy: What it is, how it works, requirements and how to register with it Etsy is a web platform for Digital Marketing and e-commerce of…

Etsy is a web platform for Digital Marketing and e-commerce of handmade items. Such as DIY, crafts, accessories, fashion, furniture, art and antiques. In this it is possible create your own store where you can offer products according to category. The main ideal is to sell handmade, home-made items that convey emotions and connections to the consumer.

Why should I sign up for Etsy?

If you are related to the world of art and you like vintage fashion, Etsy is the best option! If you register to buy items you will find all kinds of handmade and crafts that you can use to decorate the home, office, outdoors and any space. In addition, it is not only about decorations, but collections of old objects and materials for DIY at home.

On the other hand, for artisan users, registering opens up the opportunity to have a store within the platform to sell/offer their products. In the market there is much potential traffic available which will give you millions of visitors in the store. Otherwise, if you create your own website, it could take years to get the same level of traffic.

Etsy takes care of coding, programming and designing the store in as simple as 10 minutes, you only have to configure payment methods and information. So you can sell at your own pace and time. Merchandise can be sold and the platform charges low listing fees per itemwhich do not represent 3%, no matter how long it has been in stock.

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What guidelines must I meet in order to have an Etsy account?

You do not need specific requirements to benefit from what Etsy has generated, with a single user account you can enjoy being seller, buyer or simple spectator. To sign up for Etsy, go to the main site and look for the ‘Register’ button. Pressing the switch will show a simple form in which you will complete data such as names, gender, email, password and username.

At the end of the registration you must validate the confirmation Email sent, then you can enter the ‘Sign in’ with the data. Now, if you want to simplify the registration process, you can access through a Facebook account. Just remember that when configuring the ‘Username’ is your identifier in front of other usersIt can not be changed.

How to open my first shop on Etsy?

You don’t need a business license to sell on Etsy, but you do need to set up payment and billing information. Indicate the bank details or your PayPal account, the most used virtual transfer method on the platform.

What do I have to do to configure the data of my store?

If you have registered with the intention of opening your first virtual trade of handicraftsIt is important that you meet all the requirements. To create, go to the ‘Sell’ section, there look in the ad for the button ‘Get Started’, ‘Sell on Etsy’ or ‘Open your shop’. Continue choosing the language, country, currency and name of the kiosk.

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Steps to customize products and start selling on Etsy

Continue by attaching the inventory to the store, when opening the ‘Add an ad’ box, you are requested to upload the photo of the item, details of the ad, payroll, prices and shipping. Each section must be described with real information and without haste, so that everything is perfect. start with add the photo of the product for sale (in good quality) and adjust the thumbnail.

Then, fill in the article data, the ad details such as name, author, product type and characteristics. Such descriptions will allow you to be relevant in the Etsy algorithm, as well as being useful information for buyer search and filtering. Regarding the inventory, you must define the number of items available in stockprice, color or design thereof.

Finally, it details how the shipment is going to be executed, where it comes from, how long it takes to make it, to send it and the expenses that are assumed for dispatch to the different regions available. You can see the preview and thus go editing how the ad will look after publishing it.

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Next, you must indicate the country of your bank, select it and establish your date of birth, NIF, address and telephone number. You may need to send a copy of your ID, driver’s license, passport or any other identification document available. Finally, configure the billing information that will be required on the platform.

How can I permanently delete my Etsy account?

Among the application policies you have the option to close and delete Etsy account permanently no reversal. Now, it should be considered that at the time of wanting to carry out the option, in the case of sellers there can be no accumulated debt.

In the case of buyers, you must not have an open order and all cases resolved. To close and permanently delete your Etsy account, click ‘Your Profile >Account Settings >Privacy >Request Data Deletion >Close and permanently delete your Etsy account’.

Finally you will receive an email to confirm and continue with the request. Please note that when you delete an Etsy account, the associated email will be permanently unsubscribed, meaning it cannot be reopened an account with the same address.

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