Etsy Is it safe to buy and sell products on Etsy? – Reliability of platforms The operation of Etsy is to advertise independent sellers from all over the…

Etsy Is it safe to buy and sell products on Etsy? – Reliability of platforms The operation of Etsy is to advertise independent sellers from all over the…

Etsy’s business is to advertise independent sellers from around the world. That way you get in touch with buyers of handmade goods, crafts, vintage and collections. You can choose from millions of items within the global market app. Register to buy or sell items on Etsy.

Who are the owners of Etsy?

The company started with the idea of ​​being an e-commerce for the online gallery, where its main strength is handicrafts. So, by 2005, Robert Kalin, Chris Maguire, Haim Schoppik, and Jared Tarbell founded the company. The main idea is maintain human connection as the center of all trade.

For this reason, a place was created where everything related to ‘creativity’ can be consumed. And since the pandemic hit, Etsy’s stock started surging as much as 600% due to the high demand for homemade items they were looking for. solve the economic situation of the user.

Is it safe or not to buy products on Etsy?

The technology used by the company is responsible for boosting the Etsy market, but also to help buyers and sellers connect more easily. So, the priority of the technical team is to make connections are secure and funny.

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The different tracking, rating and reporting tools they make the platform analyze each of the stores made up within the application. Remember that Etsy is a set of thousands of stores, each user, when selling a product, opens a kiosk with their own customization and stock. So if any of the businesses are misusing the platform, an investigation is opened.

They have a great shipping and returns policy.

To begin to ensure the above, Etsy shows the public its regulations on referral and reimbursement. Sellers need to get one-of-a-kind items into the hands of buyers as quickly and safely as possible. Sellers must pack and ship items, ensuring at all times that your buyers receive it in good condition and on time.

When selling on Etsy, you must provide the exact address of the seller, specify the shipping costs and the preparation time involved. The maximum delivery time is 30 days from the purchase, unless otherwise specified in agreement with the buyer through messages. Must comply with all emission regulations and customs local and international.

Remember that an appropriate amount must be charged for shipping, which can be calculated on the web. Ship the order to the exact address issued on billing receipt of the platform. After that, mark the order as shipped or use a shipping and return label. Add the tracking address to accompany the shipping company chosen by the buyer.

Countries where Etsy is

Etsy’s momentum has reached beyond US borders, however, there are only a few countries where services can be offered.

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  • Germany, Australia, Austria.
  • Belgium, Bulgaria.
  • Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic.
  • Denmark.
  • Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, United States.
  • Philippines, Finland.
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong, Hungary.
  • Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy.
  • Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg.
  • Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Morocco.
  • New Zealand, Norway.
  • Netherlands, Poland, Portugal.
  • UK, Romania.
  • Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland.
  • Turkey.
  • Vietnam.

It is endorsed by hundreds of users

By 2020, the company had approximately 82 million registered users with their respective businesses. So Etsy has grown so much that by 2021, 6.3 million new shoppers made their first purchase between January and March of the same year.

International sales will exceed 177% and repeat buyers increased by 205%. The growth of Etsy it represents the reliability of the application, in addition to the exponential opportunities it can bring to a business.

How to buy or sell on Etsy?

If you wish buy or sell within Etsy you must have an account, which is created through the ‘Enter’ button on the main interface of the page. The registration process is quite easy and fast. You need an email to subscribe and create the profile.

Fill in the information needed to create the profile. You can then buy or sell from the same profile. To purchase, simply search for the product and review the reviews, comments and ratings of the item. The conditions are agreed with the seller and the payment proceeds.

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Now to sell within Etsy you must create a store to sign up. In the sales section of the main page you can start creating your market. Fill in the necessary form, provide the information and data requested. Start adding the products with their respective photos and descriptive data.

Complete the price information, quantity available, completion time, mode of delivery and payments. That way your store will be positioned among the wide network of Etsy. Thousands of active users a day you can check it out.

How much is the commission?

Finally, by selling items through the platform, you agree to pay 6.5% of the value of each sale to Etsy. But, when receiving PayPal or credit card as payment method, it is necessary pay 4% of each item sold. However, if Etsy Payments is used with a currency other than the one selected in the payment settings, an additional fee is charged for the transaction.

For sales within the US, or Canada, the transaction fee is waived, now for sales from any other country, it is taken at the direct listing price, at Shipping costs and the percentage of gift. For more information, refer to the Fee Policies on Etsy.