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Facebook Marketplace has become a virtual store used by many people as a means of work. In it you can enter your product and make people see it and buy it. In order to use Facebook Marketplace you have to publish photos of the promotions or products that you are offering, these publications can be paused whenever you want for different reasons.

If you do not know how to perform this procedure, you just have to keep reading this article, here we will explain how to pause a post made on facebook marketplaceYou can do this with your PC or mobile.

What uses can be given to the pause in Marketplace posts?

Facebook Marketplace is used to buy or sell products through a virtual store of the Facebook application, which is carried out thanks to post that you will have to publish whenever you want in the app. These publications can be paused whenever you want, giving different uses to this action, these will be some:

social network facebook as a virtual store

Restock your products

If you have a virtual store must grow more and more because of the great variety of purchases that you will have. So you can use the option to pause the posts to be able to stock the products again and show more variety to your followers.

take a work break

If you want to take some vacation from your work You can pause your post so that you no longer know anything about your virtual store. It would be ideal to keep your trading strategy off while you’re on the go.

Create a better strategy

If you want to be successful in your Facebook Marketplace virtual store, you must carry out successful strategies. That’s why you should try implement pausing your post, for new ideas you have.

What are the steps to take to pause a post from this spin?

If you want pause a post on Facebook Marketplace You just have to follow these steps, it’s very simple. If you carry out this action, this post will no longer be published, for this you need an internet connection.

person entering facebook marketplace to pause publication

In the mobile app

  1. Enter in the Facebook Marketplace app.
  2. Now click on the box that says ad center, continuously on all ads.
  3. Click view results on the ad you want to pause.
  4. Then go to settings and press pause.

with website

  1. Enter from your browser to the Facebook Marketplace application.
  2. Login to your Facebook page with your password and account name.
  3. Click on the Ad Center option, this can be found in settings.
  4. Now you must click on the ‘All ads’ option.
  5. Search the ad you want to pause and click on it.
  6. Then you must enter to see results.
  7. Click on settings.
  8. Now you just have to click on pause ads in the active option and confirm the action so that it is generated.

When deactivating or pausing a publication on Facebook Marketplace You can resume the promotion whenever you want and thus continue selling or offering your products. If you do not know how to perform this procedure, you just have to keep reading.

If you do it from the website

With the website, from your computer or even from your phone you will be able to resume promoting your posts. ANDThis would be in the event that you do not have the Facebook application already downloaded. However, this procedure is easier:

  1. Go to your default web browser.
  2. Enter the name of the application that we are looking for, which would be Facebook Marketplace.
  3. Click go to start the search.
  4. Click on the Facebook application.
  5. Now you must enter the corresponding data from your Facebook account.
  6. Click on go and wait for the main page of your account to load completely.
  7. Now you should look for the option that says settings and privacy.
  8. Click on the news preferences option.
  9. After this you have to click on activate the publication, this will appear in the event that it is deactivated.

sell and buy products on marketplace

With the mobile app

If you have a mobile phone with the Facebook Marketplace application, you can republish it so that all your followers can continue to see this incredible offer. You just have to follow the following guide:

  1. Enter your phone application menu, after being in it you must press on the Facebook Marketplace icon. This will appear if this application is already downloaded.
  2. After entering this app and entering the data of your Facebook account that you use for the Marketplace function, these must be correct.
  3. Being on the main page of the application, you must wait for it to load all the corresponding information, this will take a maximum of 3 minutesEverything will depend on the speed of your internet.
  4. Now you have to enter your profile where all your publications will be.
  5. Click on the one you want to resume in your account, if you don’t get it, you just have to scroll down until you can find it.
  6. If you have already clicked on it, you will see that it has a settings and privacy option, click on it.
  7. Now some new options will appear, click on News Feed Preferences.
  8. After this you only have to choose the state of the publication, activate it and If you want to deactivate it again, press pause.
  9. Now just go to the post and see if it was published successfully, if not try to publish again.