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Today virtual stores are a way to generate income easily and simply. One of the platforms that helps you to create such stores is Facebook, call here Facebook Marketplace. In this social network with just one post you can sell everything you want in the case of material goods.

To get more potential buyers, you must renew or change the posts so that everything is up to date. If you don’t know how to do this, you just have to keep reading this article. Here we will explain how to renew your posts on the Facebook Marketplace easily and quickly.

What are the ways to get more views on the Marketplace?

In order to get buyers in Marketplace you must get lots of people to look at your poststo achieve this you just have to follow the following recommendations:

Correct and catchy title

The title will be the first thing that your buyers will see, so you must place something that is striking and everything you want to see so that later they can buy. This should be short and precise.

Sharp and large image

If you are going to place photographs of your products, you must implement that these look professional and with an optimal design. This will allow you to draw a lot of attention from visitors.

includes labels

You must place labels if you want more people to observe your Marketplace listings, You can do this by publishing them. It also helps considerably to locate your products very easily.

Can renewing your post mess with the algorithm and show you more?

Yes, renewing the publication is widely used by sellers to appear more in the buyers menuin this way you can also alter the algorithm, when renewing this the post will appear as if it were new, which is why Facebook has placed a limit on such renewals.

What is the correct way to renew a post and what to take into account?

If you want to renew a post in Marketplace you just have to follow these steps. It’s very simple, but you can’t do it whenever you want, you will only have a chance to do it 5 times.

  1. Go to the Marketplace listing you want to renew.
  2. Click on the settings for it.
  3. In these options you will see the option to Renew publication, click on it.
  4. Now wait for the action to be generated.

facebook marketplace app

What other data to consider to have more sales of your product?

If you want to have more sales in your products you can follow the following recommendations. With these instructions you will sell your products effectively.

product description

The description in your Marketplace listings They are a way to have more sales, this is because you will talk a little about the product and so if someone is interested, they will buy it immediately. As you do this, try to come up with a phrase that everyone likes.

A way to have fame and publicizing your Marketplace account is that you are sinceredo not put something false in the description, if you do not have to put it, you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Sign in from your Facebook account to the Marketplace feature.
  2. Now you must press on the left part of your screen to see the publications that you have in your store, this option is at the top.
  3. After this you must press on the points of row shape at the top right of your screen.
  4. In these options you will see the option to Edit publication, click on it.
  5. Now click on the description and put the phrase you want.
  6. Click on save so that you have the changes.

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Geolocation is an essential piece of information for have more potential buyersif you want to place it in your publications, you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your Facebook app with your account where you have your virtual store in the app.
  2. Now you must locate the Marketplace option at the top of your screen. In case you do not find it in this option, you just have to click on See more.
  3. After this you must click on the upper left part of your screen, in this way we locate the publications of your store.
  4. Now you have to press on the publication you want to place the location.
  5. Click on the row shape dots you find on the post.
  6. Here it will open a list of the options that you can make to your content, click on edit.
  7. After this, click on edit post again.
  8. Now put the place where you are geographically located, be as exact as possible or how far you can get to dispatch the product. to finish you just have to press save.

Answer all messages

If you want to have more sales in your products you can try to answer all the messages to your followers quickly so that these feel well cared for, you can place it so that it is done automatically, generate this action like this:

  1. Enter the Facebook application on your phone you can do it from a web browser, on your PC or device.
  2. Being in your Facebook account you must Click on the Marketplace option.
  3. If you are already in your virtual store you can click on the settings, this option can be found at the top of your main screen.
  4. In the left column of your screen you can locate different options, one of these is the message press on it in order to enter.
  5. Now you will see a setting that says Responsive Assistant click on it.
  6. At the top of this option you will have a switch which you can edit, click on Yes so that you can have the instant responses sent automatically.
  7. Now you must place said message and press save to generate the action.