Five reasons to buy an iPhone SE (2022)

The third-generation iPhone SE, introduced in early March, has received a lot of criticism. Some criticize some of Apple’s decisions, while others praise them. In short: the iPhone SE 3 is a great iPhone, for a specific target audience.

As with any important decision, the question is: “Is the iPhone SE right for me?” It’s also worth making a list of pros and cons. For the cons, read our reasons against the iPhone SE 3.

For now, here are five reasons why the 2022 iPhone SE is a good choice.

1. The classic iPhone design lives on!

Without knowing much about the tech specs, many would-be buyers are probably already turned off by the new SE’s design. A smartphone who is still betting on a 4.7″ screen with a Start button in the middle of 2022? Is that even legal?

I too was wary at first, but quickly got used to the Start button and all its perks.

I’ve written before about why the “old” design of the iPhone SE is still modern today and it certainly deserves its reason for being. If you prefer a relatively small iPhone with a “retro” design, the SE 3 will be perfect for you.

It fits nicely in the hand, it’s nice and light (it weighs 144 grams), and while Apple doesn’t use Ceramic Shield, it at least gives the iPhone SE 3 “the strongest glass in a smartphone“, both in the front and in the back.

We still recommend a protective case, and there are already fairly cheap silicone cases on Amazon for less than €10.

Not all users give the same use to the mobile, but the needs of the average user are what Apple wants to meet with this model: make calls, send emails and messages, play video and take an occasional photo.

The SE 3 is perfect for that. Although the performance is almost too good.

2. The A15 chip: How much power!

The A15 chip was introduced with the iPhone 13 series last fall and is now found in the iPhone SE 3 as well. This chip packs a lot of power into an understated-looking iPhone: apps launch quickly, and graphics performance in games too. it is significantly better. Touch ID also works lightning fast.

That speed is good, no doubt. But the biggest advantage you get with the A15 chip is that it guarantees updates. With the A15 chip, you can be sure you’ll also be able to use iOS 20, which probably won’t come for another five years.

Compared to others smartphones entry level from the competition (Android), guaranteed updates is a feature you only get at this level with Apple.

3. The best “cheapest” iPhone

Compared to its predecessor, Apple has increased the entry price of the iPhone SE by €40 / MXN$500, as for the lower storage model you now pay €520 / MXN$11,499, but it is still Apple’s cheapest iPhone at the moment .

Obviously, whether you consider this excessive or justified depends entirely on your personal preference in terms of features, but if you want an iPhone with a future with which you can do standard tasks for the next five years, there is currently no cheaper iPhone on the market. the Apple catalog.

Buy iPhone SE 2022

4. Bigger battery, fast charging

According to a first tear down on YouTube, the battery is said to have grown by around 10% compared to the previous generation. And according to Apple, the new A15 chip should also ensure that the iPhone SE 3 works more efficiently, saving battery life.

At this point, it has to be said that the SE 3 is not a Pro model and everyone coming from an old iPhone Pro will probably immediately notice that a relatively small battery is used.

But at least Apple offers “fast charging” technology. With the fast charging function, you can charge the battery from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes using a 20W charger (not included).


The 5G network is growing, but it’s not everywhere yet. Therefore, before buying, you should consider if it is worth hiring a 5G rate or if you will have access only to 4G for some more time.

However, it does not hurt to have a 5G modem installed in the smartphone. It’s even more amazing how Apple has managed to pack 5G support into a case from around five years ago, which probably wasn’t designed for such a feature at the time.

If you want to buy an iPhone SE 3, you can do it from the Apple website or in stores like Amazon, Fnac, El Corte Inglés, MediaMarkt, Macnificos and K-tuin.

Original article published in Macwelt.