Food Delivery What areas of Europe can gorillas use? – Home delivery service Gorillas is a company that delivers orders to your home, work…

Food Delivery What areas of Europe can gorillas use? – Home delivery service Gorillas is a company that delivers orders to your home, work…

Gorillas is a company that delivery orders to your home, work or anywhere you want. This company promises to deliver in less than ten minutes with an affordable shipping rate. You can choose from a list with more than two thousand consumer products. For this reason, in this guide we show you the European areas where you can use the service.

Can I use Gorillas from France?

If possible use the online supermarket in different places in this area to make your purchases at home. Also, thirty more countries can take advantage of the platform. It is even in Spain and competes with similar companies such as Uber eats, Rappi or Glovo which allow you to order dishes at home.

If I am in Germany, can I use Gorillas?

It is possible to take advantage of this distribution system in Berlin. Consumers in this region have the option of choose local groceries, fresh food and drinks. The catalog is quite extensive and is presented to users through the App for Android and iOS.

Germany is the country of origin of this organization. Reason why you can place orders from different areas. The list of cities includes Essen, Cologne, Bonn, Augsburg, Bochum, Hannover, Leipzig, Munich, Fürth, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, among others.

places in europe that can use gorillas

As in the rest of Europe, the service includes the transfer of a purchase in a matter of minutes. The order is delivered where the customer requests it and is usually charged 1.80 euros in Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Belgium. However, the French must pay 19 cents more to cancel delivery costs in his country.

Does France have a Gorillas service?

Yes, said online store works in this town and offers customers customers quickly delivery of the products that they request from the mobile application. In addition to the capital, today Gorillas is available in Bordeaux, Nice, Lille and Lyon. Further expansion of the company is expected shortly.

The startup currently serves some regions of Paris such as Belleville, Champs-Elysées, Boulogne, Colombes, La Garenne. Also, Gorillas are found in cities like Courbevoie, Montmatre, Les Gobelines, Sentier, Batignolles and Vitry-sur-Seine. This reflects a considerable breadth of service in this important geographical area of the world.

Is it possible to order Gorillas in Brussels?

In the same way that you can use the OrdersNow service, from different areas of Belgium such as Ixelles, Etterberk and Uccle, Gorillas also works in this area. In this sense, the population of these regions has the opportunity to enjoy the best products that they can purchase at retail prices of the main local shops located in Brussels.

It is worth mentioning that in this region an additional amount of 2.10 euros is required if the monetary value of the purchase is less than €5. While in Antwerp there is a minimum limit of €10 through which a surcharge in the total payment of the service at home

Can Gorillas be used from Denmark?

This fast delivery company works actively in the Copenhagen area and Aarhus. Therefore, if you are in Denmark you do not have to go to a supermarket, because you can have all the products you need at home when preparing a special dish dedicated to your family or friends.

what areas of europe can use gorillas

In this territory, the flat rate of payment is DKK 29. There shipping surcharge is charged and manipulation as occurs in other areas. It is important to note that if you place an order for less than £10 in the UK, the platform will require a £2 surcharge. This rule does not apply to the other nations covered by the company.

Can all the Netherlands use Gorillas?

Such a block of cities uses such a delivery service without any problems. People who are in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Nijmegen, Arnhem, Haarlem, Eindhoven, Enschede, Hilversum, Leiden, Utrecht, Leuvarden or Tilburg have access to all delivery options provided by Gorillas.

Some cities add a surcharge to the total purchase of €2.10 for orders less than €15. The company does not limit the number or type of consumer products that can be purchased. However, it is essential to know the delivery costs, indicated in the customer support. In the same way, you must take into account the surcharges, as well as the payment methods and the promotions available.