For $500, you can buy the Third Sister’s 6.5-foot double-bladed lightsaber

Hasbro has designed a realistic lightsaber just in time for the premiere of the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series, one that could be the toymaker’s most ambitious and expensive replica yet. The Black Series Reva Force FX Elite lightsaber is $499 and measures a total of 6.5 feet long with both blades attached. It is inspired by the lightsaber wielded by the Third Sister, also known as Reva, a cold and unfeeling Inquisitor who hunts Obi-Wan. Much like the iconic lightsabers we’ve seen in the hands of the Inquisitors in previous Star Wars series, you can remove one of the blades, as well as remove half of the circle in the center of the lightsaber. There are a number of cool lighting and sound effects that you can activate as well, and they work whether you’re using one or both blades. While a creeping power-up effect causes the lightsaber to charge up with red light in preparation for battle, a blast deflection effect removes illumination from particular areas of the lightsaber (complete with “pew pew” sound effects!) ”) to make it look like you’re protecting yourself from projectiles. There’s even a wall slashing mode that makes the lightsaber tip turn bright white while making a buzzing noise as if you’re actually cutting through metal. Unfortunately, it has some (expected) limitations: it doesn’t spin on its own, so you can’t use it as some kind of helicopter to propel yourself short distances or fend off enemy attacks (something that shows up quite often in The Clone Wars). ). You’ll have to marshal your baton-spinning skills if you really want to get into that spinning action. The Third Sister’s lightsaber seems Hasbro’s most expensive yet, probably due to the double blades. Taking a look at Hasbro’s lightsaber collection, FX Force Elite replicas don’t seem to exceed $300. You can see Reva’s lightsaber for yourself on her crowdfunding page, which will almost certainly meet the requirement. $5,000 (because who wouldn’t want the opportunity to say they have a 6.5-foot lightsaber lying around their house?). It will be available for purchase until July 11 at 11:59 p.m. ET, but won’t start shipping until fall 2023.