Games How to download World of Kings for iOS or Android? – WOW type game There is no doubt how iconic World of Warcraft is, being…

There is no doubt how iconic World of Warcraft is, being one of the best RPG games. In any case, it is not available on phones, that’s why you will discover how to download World of Kings on iOS or Androida game very similar to WOW.

What WOW features are present in World of Kings?

The title we are talking about today has great similarities with World Of Warcraft. Conditions such as their open world, classes or races and even missions make them very similar, something that will attract the attention of many fans of the genre.

The above does not mean that they are the same, since this mobile video game it shines on its own merit, but it is worth knowing the similar characteristics of both games.

Complete daily tasks

Assignments of the day offer rewards upon completion and are a great incentive to keep playing. Actually, these activities they are common in many video games. As we pointed out, it is a tactic widely used by developers so that players can get rewards much more easily.

Variety of classes and races

A section that has always been noted in this type of game is the variation of the creatures available for the players. World Of Kings allows you to choose between at least 10 different types of characters, which makes the avatars very different from each other.

The race system allows each player to stand out individually, opening up a world of possibilities. On the other hand, also there are options like changing clotheswhich allows you to customize everything to your liking.


There is nothing more striking in a video game than Allows you to traverse many environments. The ability to explore is something interesting for any player. Luckily, World of Kings has a very good open world, where you can find dungeons, different biomes, and unique and exclusive fauna.

open world franchises they have a lot of points in their favor. When you download WOK you will find similarities in its environments with the legendary Blizzard game. The title has an extensive open world ready for exploration.

Where can I download World of Kings for my mobile phone?

It is available on both Android and IOS. Similarly, you can play it for free from the official App stores. In that case, just download for the system you use.

Still, the game is not available on PC, so if you want to play it on PC you can make use of some android simulator. If the above is your case, then it is best to use BlueStacks, the most prominent Android emulator. On the other hand, if you have a cell phone, you can try the following when downloading the title.

how to download world of kings for ios or android game type wow


In case of using a device with this system you will have to download the game from the Google Play App. For this, you just have to have an account in the store application. Doing the above checks, do the following and download the game on your cell phone:

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • At the top click on the magnifying glass and search for ‘World of Kings’.
  • Once the app is found, select ‘Install’.
  • When the download is complete, click ‘Open’ to run the game for the first time.

if i have iphone

In case you have an Apple phone, or other IOS device, you also have the option to download the title. Fortunately, WOK has full support on Apple cell phones, so you can play without problems. If you want World of Kings on iOS, do the following:

  • On your mobile, access the store application that comes from the factory.
  • You will need to log in to your account in order to access the Apps repository.
  • Once in the AppStore, select the ‘Search’ option.
  • Locate ‘World of Kings’ and click on ‘Get’, after which the game will be installed.

In the previous ways you can acquire the aforementioned video game. It should be noted that it may not be as complex as other larger titles. Still, it seems to us an excellent alternative if you want to enjoy a different option on your mobile device. In turn, it is free, so you can download it at any time.

Don’t forget that gender have many similar titles, so if you don’t like WOK, you can try installing the MMORPG RuneScape on Android. The above is another high-quality game within the genre.

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