Games How to earn money investing in Axie Infinity? – Play to Earn game In recent years NFT games have become very popular,…

In recent years NFT games have become very popular, possibly due to their premise of making a profit after an initial investment. Among these games, Axie Infinity stands out, with which it is possible earn money after dedicating some capital to the title. In any case, for the above, you must first create and have a Ronin Wallet, but we will talk about this later.

What forms of investment can I make in Axie Infinity?

Investment options at Axie Infinity are usually limited, usually you can buy Axies or directly acquire the currency and wait for a rise. The two options indicated have their positive and negative points. However, keep in mind that buying the coin and waiting for a rise may result in a loss on your first investment.

Buying a team to play

If you are one of those who play platinum Pokémon, the truth is that Axie Infinity will be very familiar to you. Indeed, although it may surprise you, both titles are similar at least in terms of ‘playability’, since in order to play Axie you will also have to create a team. If you want play on your own you can buy a team from Axiea process that is done from the Marketplace that has the game itself on its official page.

Buying and selling through Facebook Marketplace is similar to the method present in Axie Infinity, only in this case you must have the Ronin wallet. Once you have the investment in your Ronin wallet you must access the page and search for the composition or team of your choice.

how to make money investing in axie infinity

Buying equipment to scholarship players

in case you want have even more income you can have scholarships, which you can pay by Ronin or by the Binance network or platform. You can directly ask your scholars which composition they would like to play. On the contrary, if you have little investment, you can choose the cheapest compositions.

How to generate income by playing daily games with a team?

Once you buy your equipment you will have to start playing, for this you must create a team and order it. Having Axies doesn’t mean you can play immediately, you need to set up your team properly first. The order of a team in Axie Infinity is of vital importance, since if you have your Axies poorly positioned, you will surely lose the game.

Buy at least 3 Axies

To be able to create and order our team we will need at least Three Axies, since per game only that number will be used per player. In case of having two or one we will not be able to assemble our team, on the contrary, if we have four or more we can only use Three Axies.

play daily games

Once you have created your team in Axie Infinity It’s time to play games. At the beginning the player has twenty energy to play, in case of wanting more energy we will have to have more Axies, for example, if they have ten the energy goes up to forty. When we win a game using energy, they will give us SLP, a reward that can be higher or lower depending on the cups you have.

earn money after investing in axie infinity

How much money is generated by playing Axie Infinity?

The money that can be generated by playing Axie Infinity can vary, as if you have a team with low cups you will do less than a tall one. In turn, the amount of energy must be taken into account, someone with forty energy can do twice as much as someone with twenty

Arena Win Reward

If you’re close to 1200 cups (which is where everyone starts), you’ll earn 5 SLP per win. For the above, you can get 50 a day if you earn at least half. If you are for 1700 cups you can generate 8 SLP per win, which is 80 per day by winning half. The results mentioned are based on accounts playing with only 20 energyin case of having 40 or 60 it will be much more.

season rewards

If you are among the best players in the world you will receive AXS as a reward for the season, the AXS is substantially more expensive than the SLP. The AXS is another cryptocurrency managed by Mavis Hub, this token is used to reproduce the Axies with each other, being completely necessary together with the SLP

To get seasonal rewards you have to be among the first 300,000 players, among whom 117,676 AXS will be divided. This is the only way to get AXS without having to buy itotherwise you will have to invest in order to obtain this token.