Games How to find the gold scarab in the Elden Ring and take advantage of its +20% in runes? In a very short time Elden Ring has become one…

In a very short time, Elden Ring has become one of the best role-playing games in history. It is not in vain it has a huge world and gives great freedom, but its difficulty does not make it a title for everyone. Even so, with certain items you can make the experience a little easier, which is why we teach you how to find a scarab that will allow you to obtain many more runes.

Is the gold scarab the only item in the game in your ranking?

Actually, the item is not exclusive, there are others that also provide improvements for the get more coins. In fact, there are a few more that can help, but few have the same qualities. Still, keep an eye out for the ‘Gold-Macerated Bird’s Leg’, another item that can help you get more runes.

After you know how to buy Elden Ring, you need to think about what you should do in order to make it a little easier. Actually, a great strategy is to use the items mentioned above at the same time. In any case, a priori it will be necessary that find the beetle to take advantage of the great advantage it provides.

20% more runes when using the gold scarab

The classic Dark Souls titles featured ‘souls’, in fact, it’s one of the reasons the video games have that name. This item comes to represent the ‘game currency’, which makes it possible to acquire objects that will be useful when playing.

locate the elden ring gold scarab and get more runes

In the case of Elden Ring, there are no ‘souls’, instead the video game has as sustenance the ‘runes’. As we pointed out, this object allows you to buy essentials to continue advancing. Therefore, any item that boosts the obtaining of this currency can be useful to you.

It is here that the gold scarab appears, an object that will increase by 20% the number of runes you can get. Without a doubt, it is one of those elements that help to make this highly complex title a little easier.

Where can I get the gold scarab in Elden Ring?

You can find the item in the abandoned cave which is located to the left of Fort Faroth (on the map), in Caelid. The place is between the rocks that you will find when going down. In other words, you must ride a horse and jump until you locate the entrance of the place.

Once you gain access, make sure to get close to the grace point and make all the necessary preparations before starting. In fact, you should know that to access the gold scarab, you need to go through a path that will infect you with blood plague. For this reason, we recommend equipping yourself with any item that possess ‘immunity’ points.

After making the preparations, it is necessary to continue, just follow the path to the left. The trick is to walk at the exact moment in which the eruptions of the liquid that generates the blood effect occur. you will have to be patient and go forward.

Like most dungeons, the cave is riddled with enemies, but you can evade many of them. Be careful, you must be on the lookout and avoid being poisoned at all costs or get infected by any other effect. The idea is to get as many resources as you can to the final enemies.

find the gold scarab in the elden ring and take advantage of its +20% runes

How to beat the dungeon master boss in Elden Ring?

In the case of this cave, there are actually two bosses which you need to beat to get the gold scarab. At first, you will only have to face one of the enemies, but do not trust yourself, since the other will appear after a while. Therefore, it is best to use invocations.

Both enemies are capable of attacking both at close and long range, so it is necessary to have the help of the summoning. The idea is to go attacking one of the enemies until you defeat him. Once you’re done with the first, the second will be a lot easier to remove.

As soon as you are done with the fight, you will get the precious gold scarab item. As we indicated before, this tool will give you a bonus when getting runes. Without a doubt, it can be very useful to buy objects, level up and equip yourself in a better way.

Obtaining the mentioned item, you will be able to progress faster in the game and make it easier to finish. In any case, there are still many things to do in this huge title. On the other hand, if you’re about to finish it, there’s always the possibility of downloading World of Kings on your mobile, a much simpler and more user-friendly title, but one that could catch your attention.