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As part of the Geek Pride Day celebration on May 25, Duolingo shared some pretty interesting facts about the fictional languages ​​that have been created for some of the most famous works of science fiction, which you can even learn to speak if you want to. you want it.

Duolingo, the most popular platform for language learning, celebrated the world geeky as a bridge to connect communities and people through languages. For example, animated series like Dragon Ball Z and video games like Super Mario Bros have connected the world with Japan, sowing interest in learning Japanese. In the same way, the continuous boom of Korean in several countries of the world has been amplified by bands like BTS, series like the squid game and movies like parasite.

To commemorate Geek Pride Day, Duolingo shared some facts you probably didn’t know about the geeky side of languages.

  • There are more than 200 artificial languages ​​used in books, movies, and television shows. It has become popular to introduce concepts or phrases in “non-registered” or “newspeak” languages ​​to give context to science fiction and fantasy stories such as Starks by Orson Scott and 1984 by George Orwell.
  • The world where robots are part of daily life is closer than ever; This leads to the question, with what language will humans and machines communicate? It is the Robot Interaction Language (ROILA), the first spoken language created specifically to talk to robots, developed by the Department of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands.
  • Did you know that dozens of movies like Blade Trinity, gattaca Y The great Dictator do you use Esperanto? It is a real-world language invented in 1887, used in movies to exemplify a future language of humanity. Even more curious fact: If you have been curious to learn this language, you can do it in an effective, fun and 100% free way here.
  • Among the constructed languages ​​or «conlang» the protagonist is undoubtedly the klingonwhich originated from the iconic television series star trek. Qualified as one of the most complete, with a robust grammar and possessor of a diverse vocabulary, the fondness for the klingon is so large that it is possible to find versions of works by Shakespeare, Sun Tzu and The Bible written in this language. Even more amazing, there is a Klingon Language Institute, and it’s part of Google’s setup languages. You will be able to start your Klingon courses and start practicing it with humans, Vulcans and more beings from other planets completely free here.
klingon duolingo
  • Every 98 minutes a new word is created; this translates into almost 15 new words a day. In just one year, more than five thousand new words were created in English. Although this sounds intimidating, only a thousand of those words are adopted by the public for general use.

For the remaining thousand words, there are apps like Duolingo, the language learning platform whose mission is to develop the best possible education worldwide and make it accessible to everyone. In fact, one study revealed that Duolingo users gain comprehension and conversation skills in Spanish and French at the level of college students. Duolingo will continue to work to provide personalized, effective, fun and accessible learning.

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