Google’s foldable Pixel phone isn’t coming anytime soon, it’s been pushed back to 2023

Google planned to launch one of its most anticipated devices, the Pixel Fold, later this year. Now, a new report on 9to5Google says that the foldable smartphone’s launch has been postponed and will, in all likelihood, launch in late spring 2023.

While chip shortages and issues with global supply chains may be a major issue, the main reason the Pixel Fold, or Pixel Notepad as it’s called in some circles, has been delayed is the fact that Google engineers just aren’t happy. how has the development of the device been up to this point. One of the main reasons development has been slow and production will be even slower for the Pixel Notepad is the provision of foldable panels. The Pixel Notepad was reportedly going to have a 7.58-inch foldable main screen made by Samsung Display, but the company is busy churning out panels for Samsung’s own devices, including the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 and has been unable to allocate resources and production facilities for other customers. The phone is now scheduled for a launch next spring. Notably, Google unveiled a bunch of new and upcoming products at its Google I/O conference in May, and the Pixel Notepad wasn’t one of them, despite various rumors that Google was just putting some finishing touches on the phone. The Pixel Notepad, if it ever launches, will be Google’s first foldable smartphone. Previous reports say it would have Google’s Tensor chip and the same camera setup as Google’s Pixel 6a, though if the phone does indeed launch in almost a year’s time, these specs are likely to change. The Pixel Fold is slated to be priced around $1400 when it launches. Although this would make the Pixel Fold substantially more expensive than the cheaper Pixel 6, as well as the Pixel 7, it would be around $400 cheaper than the cheaper Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. Keep in mind, however, that for upcoming foldable devices, Samsung plans to cut the price significantly. Also, Google will be very late to the party with the Pixel Notepad, so any chance of undermining the Samsung Z Fold 4 is out the window. Via: FirstPost


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