Home Food What are Gorillas’ ‘Ghost Supermarkets’ for? – The secret of its speed The delivery sector has been strengthened in recent times,…

Home Food What are Gorillas’ ‘Ghost Supermarkets’ for? – The secret of its speed The delivery sector has been strengthened in recent times,…

The delivery sector has been strengthened in recent times, thanks to the fact that home delivery has been around for a long time. easier user purchases. For this reason, there are several countries where Gorillas works and for which it is added to the list of companies that deliver homes today.

However, the United States has become home to the Gorillas riders. The daily consumption of items in the warehouses of this company exceeds all 2,000 products. The merchandise available varies from fresh food to supplies for personal hygiene.

How is the process of receiving and sending the order carried out in Gorillas?

When a user downloads the application, registers and places an order, the order is sent directly to the work team of the selected warehouse. There, the merchandise is chosen from the customer’s list in a record time of two minutes. Next, the rider prepares to go out and mingle with the city to arrive ultra-fast at the location.

Each warehouse covers a delivery radius of an approximate 2 kilometers, so, when choosing the store, it must be done in the user’s closest real-time Gorillas delivery area.

The service is available from 08:00 to 00:00. To the announce the sound of the alarm When a new order has arrived, the designated delivery person must work at full speed to meet the company’s objective.

home delivery uniform gorillas

In addition to this, if you are outside your home, office or any distinctive building, the delivery service will also reach you. You just have to indicate if you are in your car, in a park, on the street or anywhere. The delivery man arrives fast to your location.

What function do Gorillas supermarkets have?

The main purpose of the company is to supply people with essential products stored in a warehouse without robots. In this way, with all the human effort, a fast home delivery. Each order does not have a minimum, only a constant fee of 1.80 euros for shipping costs.

In this way, necessary items can be obtained at the door of the home without the need to go out to deliver cash. In addition, their incredible offers capture the attention of the public. That is why they are made until 300 daily orders only in some cities in Europe where the demand is not so wide. Among the different products that can be ordered from Gorillas are:

  • Fruits and vegetables: Apples, pears, grapes, potatoes, onions, tomatoes…
  • Fresh meat and fish
  • Dairy: Cheese, Milk, Yogurt…
  • Items for personal hygiene: Shampoo, soap, deodorant, shaver, body creams.
  • Eggs
  • Flavored and carbonated drinks
  • Items for household cleaning: Soap powder, chlorine, disinfectant, alcohol, vinegar, floor wax.
  • Items for baby care, among others.

market items selection

Why do you ensure that orders arrive within 10 minutes?

the promise of carry out shipments in less than 10 minutes it becomes true each time an order is executed. The ghost supermarket establishes as a rule that workers prepare orders in less than 2 minutes in order to distribute them in the rest of the time. A race against the clock to achieve the efficiency that the personnel in charge must guarantee in all transactions.

That is why people are amazed when in just 8 minutes the door of the home is touched by a delivery man dressed in black. This is the great success of the company and the reason for so many new users. Thus, leaving the name of the company high in the face of so much competition from the delivery app.

The best of all is that the deliveries have a very accessible value, because for only 1.80 euros or 1.92 US dollars you can have an entire order at home. Gorillas algorithms work seamlessly to provide the ability to buy multiple items from home just by selecting options on the mobile.

That is why the company’s shelves are distributed by category so that employees can get each product in the shortest possible time.