iPadOS 16 is now official: All the new features of the operating system

It has not been a surprise: Apple has presented iPadOS 16, the new operating system for iPad at its WWDC 2022 developer event.

The novelties that Apple has presented have to do above all with versatility. After all, a tablet aims to be that device between a laptop and a smartphone, capable of adapting to different situations. That may be why Apple wanted to focus on multitasking and offer more facilities than ever to connect more screens.

The Messages app has also seen improvements (something that also happens in the iOS 16 update) and a new app called Freeform will become the canvas for many artists.

Mail, Safari and Weather are other apps that also offer improvements thanks to this iPadOS 16 update.

We tell you below all the most important news about iPad OS 16.

What’s new in iPadOS 16

There are quite a few new features that this new update of the iPad operating system will bring with it. However, here are the main ones:

Messages app improvements

This update makes it easier than ever before to connect with other people through the Messages app. It will offer a more practical way to collaborate on projects that you have in common.

If you send an invitation to collaborate in Messages, the people in that thread will automatically be added to the project you’re sharing. That way, if someone makes a change to that document, you’ll get a notification.

This function will make working remotely with other colleagues an even easier task.

iPadOS Messages

Freeform: a new canvas for artists

Freeform is not an update but a new app that Apple has designed to be able to work together with other people. It will be a very versatile canvas to work on in one place, all compatible with Apple Pencil. Just like in the Messages app, you’ll be able to see each user’s contributions to the canvas in real time.

Mail: Smarter than ever

It seems that Apple has wanted to make everything easier for professionals. Now Mail will also be a much more practical app. Something very celebrated is the fact that you can cancel the delivery of an email before it reaches the recipient’s inbox (although you will have to be quick).

You will also be able to program the emails so that they arrive when you want (something that we already saw in other platforms such as Gmail), or carry out a more detailed follow-up of different emails.

iCloud Shared Photo Gallery

Now you can have a common folder with up to six members of your family to share photos automatically. It will be a way for everyone to add photos to that same folder and create memories together. You can add photos automatically or configure this function so that they are added only at certain times.


Safari is still the most secure web browser

This news is not so surprising since we know that Apple regularly updates its browser to keep it super secure. However, a security plus never hurts.

On the other hand, in addition to security, Safari for iPad incorporates new, more collaborative functions such as being able to share tabs and favorites with friends, work together or start conversations directly in Safari.

The Weather app comes to iPad

Weather iPad

Not much to say here, just that we love that this app can finally be used on iPad. As can be seen in the image, the Weather app for iPad will offer very detailed weather information.

Apple Live Text and Visual Look

We already knew this live text function, it is that function that is capable of recognizing the text in photos and images of the entire system. However, the novelty is that now, it is also capable of recognizing the text in videos. This means that when you pause the video, the text will be interactive. You can touch the text of the video to translate it into other languages, among other things.

On the other hand, visual look is a function that will allow you to easily cut out any subject in a photo, eliminating the background. In other words, what used to require specific photo editing programs like Photoshop will now only require a single touch of the finger. That easy.

Features for professionals

In this case, iPadOS 16 will allow iPad Pro owners to use essential tools for creative professionals. If your iPad Pro has a 12.9-inch Liquid Retina XDR display, you can tailor it to your specific needs with Reference Mode.

Apple explains: “Boosted by the performance of the Apple-designed M1 chip, Display Zoom now allows users to increase the pixel density of the display so they can see more in their apps, which is especially helpful when using Split. View. With Virtual Memory Swap, iPad storage can be used to expand available memory for all applications, offering up to 16 gigabytes of memory for the most demanding applications, helping to make multitasking absolutely seamless.”

Multitasking and full compatibility with external displays

iPadOS 16 offers more ease for multitasking thanks to the fact that applications and windows will now be organized automatically. Everything will be faster and easier thanks to the possibility of creating overlapping windows of different sizes in a single view

When will iPadOS 16 be available?

The beta version for developers is now available. In a few weeks the first public beta version will also be available. Please note that these beta versions are still testing versions.

To be able to install iPadOS 16 on our iPad we will surely have to wait until september 2022 when Apple is likely to hold a new event.

Which iPads will be compatible with iPadOS 16?

  • Prediction: iPad 5 or later; iPad Air 2 or later; iPad Pro (all models)

If it happens like in 2021, when Apple announced that its latest version of iPadOS could run on quite old models, the iPadOS 16 update should also be able to install on iPads from a few years ago.

In fact, we think the list of supported models will be the same as iPadOS 15. This will start with the second generation of iPad Air, from 2014. All iPad Airs from then should also be (3rd and 4th generation). .

As for the standard model, the iPad, all models from the fifth generation should be compatible, that is, from the 5th generation iPad that came out in 2017 to the 9th generation in 2021.

iPad mini users would be a little luckier, as anyone with a 2015 or newer model (that’s iPad mini 4, 5, or 6) could install iPadOS 16.

Although the luckiest could be the owners of an iPad Pro, as we think that all models manufactured to date will be able to install the latest iPadOS update.