iPhone How to delete saved passwords on iPhone? – Remove information There are several security measures to keep your device in perfect…

iPhone How to delete saved passwords on iPhone? – Remove information There are several security measures to keep your device in perfect…

There are several security measures to keep your device in perfect condition. One option is to change Apple ID password from time to time, in turn, you have the alternative of delete the passwords saved on your mobile. Here’s how you can remove the credentials stored on your iPhone.

How to view saved passwords on iPhone?

To see the device keys, you must go to the ‘Settings’ section of the mobile. Once there, the screen ‘Passwords and accounts’Click on this section. You may be asked to provide Face ID or other means of security. Finally, you will be able to see the requested information by clicking on the service of your interest.

How to clear passwords stored on iPhone?

To delete a password on your mobile, you must access the configuration options. Once in the cell phone settings, look for the ‘Passwords and accounts’ section and enter it. maybe you need provide your Face ID or other security method.

Completed the above, press on the web or App to see the password, in order to get rid of it, just click on ‘Delete’. Before confirming your action, keep in mind that this measure is irreversible, so we recommend storing the key in a safe place before making the decision.

delete saved passwords on iphone

Remove my saved Instagram password

The process to delete the password of social networks like Instagram is the same as mentioned before. The first thing is to open ‘Settings’ and access to the ‘Passwords and accounts’ section. Once in the previous section, look for the social network from which you want to delete the data. To finish, click on ‘Delete’ and you can get rid of the Instagram key.

Remove multiple chosen passwords

By default it is possible to delete the keys one by one, so it could be complicated delete a selection of credentials. In any case, iPhones are characterized by their excellent performance, which will allow the process to be carried out very quickly. On the other hand, there is an alternative that you can try.

If you want to delete multiple passwords or device information, there is always the possibility of erasing mobile data. In any case, the above action is irreversible, so we recommend make a backup before taking this drastic measure.

How to remove password autofill on iPhone?

Apple mobiles have many functions that facilitate their use. Actually, all the options that it presents can be very useful, but it is also worth taking into account the deactivation of some of them with the purpose of improve security.

Autocomplete is effective for quickly accessing websites, but could be unsafe in the long run. Fortunately, you can disable this feature by following a few basic steps. The first thing is to open the ‘Settings’ of your mobile, once there, click on ‘Passwords and Accounts’ and deactivate ‘Autofill passwords’.

How to delete passwords saved by Chrome on my iPhone?

There are several options for managing passwords at Google. In fact, the program works as an excellent credential manager. In any case, the structure of iOS is somewhat different from other platforms. Therefore, we show you how you can delete your stored passwords from your device.

erase passwords stored on iphone

Using app settings

On your Apple mobile, the first thing is to open the Chrome browser. Once opened, you must click on the ‘More’ icon in the lower right. There, go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Passwords’. Finally, find the website or network to remove and click on ‘Edit’ where you must click on ‘Delete’.

From settings in Safari

Before we begin, note that everything related to keys is done in the configuration section. This means that to delete any type of password it is necessary to access the mobile device settings.

As for the process, it is the same as we mentioned before, that is, you must go to ‘Settings’, then to the ‘Passwords and accounts’ from there access the information you want to remove the key from. Just enter the required section and click on ‘Delete’ to complete the process. Either way, make sure you clear the correct data from the Safari browser settings.