KQED Launches Free Media Literacy Course

In a rebuke to people who can’t tell a real news source from an amphetamine-laden hamster with a Tumblr blog, San Francisco public radio station KQED announced this week that it will launch a free workshop and self-paced online course. to help increase media literacy. The resources are intended for K-12 educators and others involved in media education, but are freely available to other media fanatics and enemies of fake news alike. Completion of the course results in a PBS Media Literacy Educator micro-credential, which is a step toward earning the full Media Literacy Educator Certification, which is a set of eight micro-credentials covering a variety of analytical and authoring topics. media. Personally, I think one module in particular, “Analyzing Media Messages: Bias, Motivation, and Production Options,” should be required for everyone before approaching a Twitter or Facebook account, but maybe that’s just the pink leftist communist mainstream media journalist at Me speaking… If you’re curious or just want to brush up on your media literacy for the weekend, here’s your chance!


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