macOS 12.3 Monterey: Take advantage of what’s new on your Mac

Although Apple released macOS Monterey in October 2021, many of the great news announced have not been available from the first moment, since the company decided to roll out some of the new features as new versions arrive.

In this way, we have to say that one of the most anticipated versions has finally been released, that of macOS 12.3, which comes with highlights such as Universal Control to enhance productivity and operation between various brand devices through their screens.

What is the release date of macOS 12.3?

Since March 14, macOS 12.3 is now available to all users of compatible Mac computers. Check in this article if your device is on the list of supported devices according to the version of macOS.

Note that if you want to be one of the first to try the new features of macOS, you can join the registered developer program. If you want to join the program softwareYou already know that it is very simple. Follow the steps in the Apple Beta Software Program article: How to be the first to try the software from Apple.

It is convenient that you previously make a backup of your device before installing new beta versions. In addition, it is convenient to use a computer or device that is not critical, that is, that you use it daily to carry out your work.

macOS 12.3 Monterey what's new

What news does macOS 12.3 bring?

After a fairly conservative update with the arrival of macOS 12.2, which basically consisted of providing security fixes and certain bugsFinally, macOS 12.3 brings a long-awaited function for Apple users.

This is Universal Control, a long-awaited function for all Apple device users since it allows you to take advantage of the work you do in multi-device mode. However, the news does not stop there. Let’s see the rest too.

Universal Control

Apple demonstrated Universal Control during the last edition of WWDC 2021the Worldwide Developers Conference that the company holds every year for its partners.

Senior Vice President of Engineering for software at Apple, Craig Federighi, showed how you can use Universal Control to put the finishing touches on a Procreate illustration on your iPad, and then continue working on the same point from your MacBook.

Without having to resort to system adjustments, the manager touched the trackpad from his MacBook and moved the cursor to the screen of his iPad, something that the teams recognized immediately.

Apple always said that this feature would initially arrive in the fall, but then it was officially delayed until now. Now we finally have this feature in the newly released version of macOS 12.3.

macOS 12.3 Monterey emojis

new emoji

There are new emoji in macOS 12.3. These include a melting face, a waving face, a lip biting face, a jar, the beans, x-rays, and bubbles. The blog Emojipedia has a first look at these new emoji.

Login without passwords

In the current version you will find traces of Passkey Preview technology. Basically, users will need a security key to log in with their ID and password to supported pages running on hardware.

The technology simplifies iCloud Keychain for the user. This means that instead of verifying with Face ID or Touch ID to add the correct password to a website or service, the user logs in directly with their own key.

UWB (Ultra-Wideband) support

Back in the day we discovered in the beta version that macOS 12.3 brings UWB support to new Macs. To do this, Macs need to have UWB chips inside them. U1 on their computers, similar to those found on iPhones and AirTags since the iPhone 11 generation.

As we mentioned, the U1 chip was introduced with the iPhone 11 in 2019 and allows users to more accurately detect and locate compatible Apple devices through high-frequency radio waves, comparable to WLAN, including AirTags, Apple Watch or HomePod Mini. .

This works through the Find My app. The presence of the technology in the beta version of macOS is a sign that Apple is preparing, or at least testing, ultra-wideband support for future Mac models.

Dropbox and OneDrive compatibility

Apple is removing kernel extensions that were responsible for Dropbox and OneDrive syncing. It seems that both Dropbox and Microsoft are testing a newer alternative to this.

New screen recording options

Apple has provided a new interface for video conferencing programs. ScreenCaptureKit gives the user more control over the content viewers see during a video stream.

The new software distinguishes shareable content by screen, program, and individual window of these programs.

AirPods updates with Mac

Until now, if you wanted to keep your AirPods up to date, Apple headphones had to connect to an iPhone or iPad from time to time, because the developer provided firmware updates through iOS and iPadOS.

Now it seems that it will be possible to update the firmware of the AirPods through any of the Mac computers, always assuming that the installed operating system corresponds to the version of macOS 12.3.

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