McDonald’s What differences are there between McDonald’s and its restaurants of direct competition? It is necessary to know how McDonald’s emerged in the beginning, where only…

McDonald’s What differences are there between McDonald’s and its restaurants of direct competition? It is necessary to know how McDonald’s emerged in the beginning, where only…

It is necessary to know how McDonald’s emerged in the beginning, where it was only an establishment that offered grills. But years later, they turned their menu around and started create unique burgers, drinks and chips. What its creators did not imagine was that this idea would become as successful as it is today.

However, McDonald’s is not the only fast food franchise, but there are others that are constantly competing with it. That is why in this article we will show you the difference between this successful company and the other establishments.

What are McDonald’s advantages over its competition?

From the beginning, the objective of the most famous fast food restaurant company in the world, established goals that must be met. Among these is giving the best service to your customers and the best products. But not only that, but it also provides a pleasant experience when shopping at your establishment.

However, these principles have been maintained and have made McDonald’s is very successful all over the world. In addition, there are other fast food restaurant chains that struggle to be better than McDonald’s and are recognized. Although, McDonald’s maintains various advantages over other brands and that are surely difficult to overcome.

how to know the advantages that mcdonalds has over its competition

One of the advantages of this great franchise, unlike others, is that it offers products at an affordable price for customers. But since it is found in different countries, adjusts costs to the reach of consumers.

Also, try to innovate its image both in advertising as in the promoted products to make it more attractive. In addition, the franchise tries to reach all ages and one of the most important, that of children with their happy meal.

Another strong advantage that it has, are the production techniques that it executes, which allows an order to be distributed in a matter of 90 seconds so that the customer does not wait long.

In addition, it ensures that said delivery has an excellent presentation in its product and above all the flavor. In addition, it gives the option that its clients maintain the ease of ordering at the establishment, McAuto or order by Orders Now.

Also, it focuses a lot on offering great teaching in all areas to its employees and business partners of franchises. So if you want to work at McDonald’s, you will have the opportunity to receive training about each department within their establishments.

In addition, it explains the guidelines that they must follow to be successful in their sales and it is something that very few companies do.

Burger King

When McDonald’s appeared, other fast-food fans began making their own versions of burgers, and Insta-Burger King emerged. However, after 6 years it went bankrupt and that is when other franchisees decided to buy the brand, which They changed the name to Burger King.

The most iconic product of this franchise is the Whopper, which is a unique hamburger in its industry. Also, compete against McDonald’s regarding the Big Mac that it offers and strives to make it better.

know some advantages of mcdonalds over burger king

However, McDonald’s has the advantage of having more stores worldwide to make its sales much larger than Burger King’s. Instead, this other franchise has fewer restaurants around the world, but, even so, it is still one of the favorites. However, the purpose of Buerger King is to promote its offer and variety of products to attract more customers.


On a large scale, McDonald’s has an insurmountable advantage and that is that it offers a very varied menu, while KFC only offers Chicken and other products on its menu. But in terms of franchises established worldwide, KFC is ahead of McDonald’s because it maintains a presence in 130 countries. In contrast, McDonald’s is only found in 119 nations and has fewer branches.

However, according to the statistics studied, it shows that McDonald’s has higher production and sales than KFC, thanks to the happy meals it offers. In addition, this option, which has been designed for the little ones in the house, is a great marketing and advertising advantage.

Now, as for its items on the fast food menu, Burger King offers delicious fried chicken and very generous in their portion. In addition, the way it is prepared is very surprising and makes many customers want to eat there.

Instead, McDonald’s is known for its delicious hamburgers and its fries, which are the best on the menu, also because of their happy meal. However, both franchises provide excellent services to their consumers in terms of food and customer service.

how do i know the advantages of mcdonalds compared to subway


It is another of the restaurants that compete with the great McDonald’s and that from a way offers a varied menu. However, this is not as popular as the one mentioned above, since there are few establishments that they have. Although, you want to be better than other restaurant chains, you still don’t beat the big brands that have been established.


It was born as an idea for help your founder generate income to pay for his studies, but it was wonderfully successful and became a great world franchise.

If you want to know more about its history you can enter any of its web pages in each country, there you will find the information. Now this offers a delicious and healthy sandwich called submarine, which is filled with vegetables and meat proteins.

This cool Submarine competes against McDonald’s hamburgers and hopes to top it on their menu. However, McDonald’s is still the favorite for its products, but Subway offers something that McDonald’s does not have and that is healthier eating.

Nevertheless, Both companies are an excellent option. to eat and the competition between them will always continue to try to outdo each other.

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