McDonald’s What type of business is McDonalds and what does this company do? Since its inception, McDonalds began as a restaurant business where…

Since it emerged, McDonalds started as a restaurant business where his forte was drinks. However, this was not what propelled it to worldwide success, but in its expansion.

joined with a partner who bought a franchise of that restaurant to accelerate its growth. Currently, this company has a large fast food menu that it offers around the world.

However, McDonalds functions as a fast food restaurant franchise that is spread all over the world in different countries. Therefore, it is dedicated to the creation of food products such as burgers, fries, ice cream and more. You can even go to eat if you are lactose intolerant, since there is a menu for you.

What is the purpose of the commercial and restaurant company McDonalds?

Like any other office, McDonalds has set its goal that it wants to achieve and that is to be the favorite place to eat for many customers. Which provides that their level of performance has to be optimal to achieve this goal and so far it has been achieved.

meet macdonalds goal

But to achieve it, they were not only based on this main objective, but also established some principles that they must fulfill to make their clientele fall in love. Likewise, these are expressed on its official page and within its other objectives are the following:

  • Quality: the company strives for offer the best products And make this noticeable to your customers. That is why it makes a meticulous selection of each merchandise and that it is in good condition. But also, he is aware of the food production process and its final result, always following the recipe.
  • Service: the franchise is concerned with showing that its customers are the most important thing and for this it makes the dining experience in its restaurants exceptional. For this reason, it works hard in terms of the speed of delivery of the order, the treatment of the client and the adoption of people’s tastes. Since with this you will get very positive comments and testimonials from users who enjoy your menu.
  • Cleaning: the company always tries to offer pleasant spaces and maintain good cleanliness maintenance. So you don’t want your guests to have a bad experience with the setting. So, every time a person enters your establishments, you can notice that it is clean.
  • Value: it refers to maintaining a price that is accessible for people to acquire their products and of good quality. Furthermore, it is one of the main ones for the competition that exists from other companies that are also in the fast food industry.
  • Profitability: For McDonalds it will be very important to remain profitable and grow even more in the industry. So, to achieve it, the company exhibits quality products at a price that is acceptable to consumers. On the other hand, with this it has held up well even in global restrictions where many companies fail.

mcdonalds objectives are clear and met

  • Reputation: Another fundamental objective is to make yourself known through positive comments from those who have enjoyed your products and services. For this reason, he focuses on training his employees to give the best service that a user can host. Since, by not having a good quality in all its areas, it will receive very negative opinions and will affect the business.

What is it like to work at McDonalds?

The way to know what it is like to work in such a memorable company is to know the testimonies of the people who have been part of the staff of this franchise. To tell the truth, there are many very positive statements by those who once worked or follow him there. What some say about the area of ​​work in this office is that they receive excellent training in everything.

Within the teaching they take, there is customer service, the preparation of the products they offer and others. In addition, it presents very favorable salaries for its workers with the purpose of generating decent jobs. If you are interested in applying, you just have to check your job search and know the availability.

What business sector does McDonalds belong to?

Worldwide, McDonalds is famous for the quality of its services offered in each of its franchises. However, this is a business dedicated to the production of fast food that belongs to the restaurant sector. Where your menu has to be produced in a matter of 90 seconds and that it is the best in presentation and flavor. In addition, it maintains a good sanitary state in its premises and in the products.

know why mcdonalds became a franchise

Why did McDonalds decide to be a franchise?

McDonalds started in 1940 and has been founded by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald, who made the decision to create a simple company. But as the 8 years passed, they added fast food as a service for their customers. However, it was not until 1955 when an executive named Ray Kroc made a proposal to the brothers.

Said offer consisted of buying a franchise of his company to make it a bigger one. However, at the moment nothing was achieved and the brothers did not accept, but as time went by the owners made the decision to agree to Ray Kroc’s proposal. Which made your project became a very successful franchise today and spread around the world.