Microsoft How to insert shapes in Microsoft Word and add text and color to them? Microsoft Word is an office tool used today by its…

Microsoft Word is an office automation tool used today due to its great versatility and the various functions it offers us. But it is also true that some very practical options are overlooked due to lack of knowledge of their use. The purpose of this article is to teach you how to insert shapes in Word and add text and color to them.

What should I do to insert a shape in Microsoft Word?

Although it may not seem like it, being able to insert shapes in Word is an extremely simple task and it also allows you to customize it to your liking. Since you can modify its size, add text in different styles or add color. So to insert a shape in your document you just have to follow these simple steps that we indicate below.

insert new shape

Once the document is open in which you want to insert a shape, you should go directly to the toolbar. There you must click on the ‘Insert’ tab, this action will show us the options that we can access. In our specific case, we go to the ‘Illustrations’ section and select the ‘Shapes’ option.

We will have on the screen a table that contains a great variety of these, where we can find ‘basic’, ‘Block Arrows’, Flowchart, etc. Now we will simply select the one of our preference and this action will allow the cursor to change its appearance and now show us a cross.

how to insert shapes in word and add color

We will position it in the area of ​​the document where we want it to appear and we’re going to left click and drag and hold. Where we are only going to stop pressing when the shape acquires the dimension we want. If we don’t like the shape, we just have to use the keyboard shortcuts and press ‘Ctrl + Z’ to delete and repeat the steps again.

Change an existing shape to another

In the event that the document already exists a shape and want to exchange it for another, The steps to follow are those. Place the cursor on the shape and click, this action will show a new tab and the ‘Format’ in the toolbar. Now go to the ‘Insert shape’ section and select the ‘Edit’ option and then choose a new one by clicking.

How to add text to an existing shape in Word?

When you have inserted a shape in a document or one already exists, you can add text in a very simple way and to do this you must do the following: Position yourself on the shape and click on it, this action it will show you the ‘Add text’ option.

If a text already exists it will then show you the option ‘Edit text’ and select by clicking, now you just have to write the text. Once you’re done you can align and format it. To do this you must go to the ‘Home’ tab and use the ‘Paragraph’ or ‘Source’ options.

What additional modifications can I make to an inserted shape?

But everything does not end here, since you can make use of other functions to give an original design to the shape inserted in the document. Where with just one click you can modify some aspects such as can be color or style. To carry out this procedure, you must follow the steps that we show you below.

word text on a pc

Add a quick style

To add a quick style you must position yourself on the form and click, in this way the ‘Format’ tab will appear. Then go to the ‘Shape style’ section and choose the one you prefer. If the Quick Styles that are not listed are to your liking, you can see more Quick Styles by clicking the ‘More’ option.

Change the color

In one way it is possible to change the fill color or border color. To do this you must click on it and the ‘Format’ tab will appear. In the ‘Shape Style’ block we will find the options we need. These are ‘Fill’ to change the inner color and ‘Outline’ to change the border.

How to delete a form that I am no longer going to use?

If there is one in the document that we do not want to use or we have simply created one that we do not like, it is possible to delete it. In this case we must select on it by clicking Y press the ‘Delete’ key and it will immediately disappear from your document.

And so ends this article where you have learned to use the tools of Word and you have known how to insert shapes and add text and color to them. This being easy and fast, very similar to inserting a blank page in your Word document.