Microsoft How to put check or ‘tick’ in Excel with your keyboard easily and quickly? The verification, check or popcorn symbol is widely used today…

The check symbol, check or popcorn is widely used today and it could not be an exception for programs like Microsoft Excel. In which we can make a checklist and write down which element of the list has been chosen by a user.

But you probably don’t know how to do this procedure. Even so, don’t worry, because next we will tell you how put check or ‘tick’ in Excel with your keyboard.

What are the keys that allow you to insert the popcorn symbol in Excel?

Excel allows through its tool menu insert different symbols or signs such as greater than, less than, or equal to. It is also true that we can use some keyboard shortcuts to write special characters such as check. To do this we have three different ways to insert the aforementioned symbol from the keyboard into your spreadsheet.

Windows + .

To put the check or popcorn with the keyboard in Excel, we first have to choose the cell in which we want the symbol to appear. Then we will press the Windows + keys. This will bring up the Emoji window on the screen. There we must look for the symbol that represents the check or popcorn and so insert this special character in the spreadsheet.

add popcorn in excel program

Shift + P

Another alternative that we can use to insert the tick or check symbol it is through the ‘Insert’ tab in the tools menu. For this we have to go to the upper right corner and click on the ‘Symbol’ option.

Select the ‘More symbols’ option in the ‘Fonts’ section and choose fontWingdings 2′. Once these steps are done, you must use the keyboard shortcuts and press the ‘Shift + P’ keys. This action will display the check symbol in the spreadsheet.

Alt + 0252

There is yet another way to insert the check symbol with the keyboard in Excel and it is as follows. Open the spreadsheet, then go to the top menu and click on the ‘Home’ tab. Look in the ‘Font’ section for the ‘Wingdings’ option.

The next step is press the keys ‘Alt + 0252’ using the numeric keypad on the right side. It is important that you have previously pressed the ‘Num Lock’ key so that the check symbol appears in the document.

How else do you put the check mark in Excel?

As you have seen so far, is it possible to apply this tutorial with the keyboard in a simple and fast way. But it also allows us to carry out this process if we use the program’s tools. If you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry, we’ll tell you right away what you need to do to get it.

popcorn symbols

With the ‘Symbol’ option

We must enter our spreadsheet and select the cell where we want to the check or popcorn appears. Then we go to the top menu, there we are going to click on the ‘Insert’ tab. Then we will search for and select the ‘Symbols’ option. This action will generate a window on the screen with different special characters, signs and symbols.

The next step is find the source Wingdings 2 and then we will select the symbol looking for it to appear in the spreadsheet. Just click the ‘Insert’ option at the bottom of the ‘Symbol’ box.

Using ‘Record Macro’

To insert or put check in a cell using macro record you should do the following, go to the ‘View’ tab. Then select the ‘Macro’ option and then choose the ‘Create’ option and write the following macro:


Selection.FormulaR1C1 = ‘a’


End Sub

Describe what this macro will be used for and add a keyboard shortcut to use it whenever you want when pressing commands.

insert popcorn symbol excel

How to easily create a checklist in Excel?

In order to generate a checklist in Excel in a simple way, we can proceed as follows. But first it is necessary that we have the Developer tab active, if not, you can do the following: Direct your view to the ‘File’ tab, then click on ‘Options’ and then select the ‘Customize Ribbon’.

Finally check the ‘Developer’ or ‘Developer’ box and click ‘OK’ and this new tab will be displayed in the tools menu. Now you must choose column B or C to write your checklist, then select the tab Developer’. Then select the ‘Insert’ option and in the form control select the ‘Checkbox’ option.

In this way we insert in each cell the box for mark or unmark with a check or popcorn. But now we will have to do the binding of the check box to each cell and for that we will do the following. We’re going to select a checkbox and we’re going to right-click and choose the ‘Format Object’ option.

In the ‘Control’ tab we write in ‘Link with the cell’ the letter and number of it, for example C4. We will repeat this step with each of the cells to be linked. To finish we go to ‘Start’ then we will apply ‘Conditional formatting’ then ‘New rule’ choose the type of rule and write the following formula =$B5=TRUE.