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It is common for two audio sources (input and output) to be active on your mobile device at the same time. In such a circumstance, suits apply certain settings, especially when calling and answering calls. Therefore, in this tutorial we show you how to automatically turn down the music when talking on the phone. You will find the best solution here.

With what program can you lower the music volume when activating the microphone?

There are several programs that are used to apply adjustments to the volume of music when activating the microphone. In case you need turn down the volume automatically when talking on the phone, it is recommended that you use the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) program. OBS is based on open source and can be configured according to your needs.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a program that you can download from the obsproject website. This allows you to record and transmit video via streaming. In addition, OBS makes it easy processes such as scene composition and data retransmission. These actions are carried out with RTMP supports such as YouTube and presets for various sites.

What to do to make the music line go down in OBS?

It is possible to make the music line go down in OBS. For this, it applies a ‘Talk Over’ setting for the audio devices. Thus, you will be able to see the volume level of the microphone and the audio line on the main screen of OBS. Adjust compression, threshold for music, and attack. Also, you must release the cut and the audio gain.

adjust compression

First, activate the microphone and line sound in the audio mixer. Afterwards, you must adjust compression clicking the gear icon and pressing the ‘Audio Filters’ option. There, click on the ‘+’ symbol at the bottom of the screen. Then select the ‘Compressor’ option.

threshold for music

Locate the ‘Source Attenuation/Reduction’ section and click on the microphone. Then lower the ‘Threshold’ level for the music to around -50dB. It is important to note that you must play some sound and go test if it lowers the music when speaking. The lower the threshold level, the softer the music will sound.


It is essential to modify the level of attack in the compression. In this way, the volume of the music will decrease progressively and not abruptly. To do so, access the compression options in the audio filters. Then, move the bar in the ‘Attack’ section to the right a little. Typically the attack should be between 12-14ms.

Automatically reduces the music when talking on the phone

Release audio gain and cut

When you talk, you may notice that the volume of the music increases very quickly. So the automatic reduction of this is temporary and very short. In such a case, you must release the cut and audio gain. To do this, go back into ‘Compression’ and move the slider for ‘Release’ to the right, as well as ‘Output Gain’.

Why is microphone selection important in dimming?

The microphone selection in the attenuate section is important in order to regulate the sound that other devices emit. So, every time you output any sound, the settings that were set in the compressor will be applied. If you don’t choose any device in the source reductionyou will not be able to lower the music volume automatically.

What other alternatives to OBS software are popular?

There are other alternatives to OBS software that are also very popular. These tools options are Icecream Screen Recoder, Bandicam and Camtasia. All previous apps used for audio and video recording. However, each of them has particular attributes that we will explain below.

automatically lower the sounds when talking on the phone

Ice Cream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is a software that allows you to record audio and video including games. So, this tool makes it easy to using the desktop microphone and sound to make recordings. Even Icecream Screen Recorder allows you to record the screen of your Android mobile with sound.


Bandicam is another application that allows you to take screenshots, record games and any audio while preserving high quality. This program presents to high level of performance. For this reason, Bandicam is ideal for recording everything that appears on your PC screen in real time, adding your voice if you wish.


Camtasia is another application that makes the process of recording any activity you do on your computer easy. In this sense, you can make videos or create them. In addition, this tool offers a high level of precision so that you can do good screenshots.

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