Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing in Latin American countries is turning out to be a disaster.

A few months ago, Netflix had announced that start cracking down on people who share passwordsto compensate for the drop in revenue due to the loss of customers and not being able to grow at the rate they expected.

The streaming giant was also contemplating coming with a new level with advertising that would allow people who find Netflix a bit too expensive to join the service. Well, it looks like Netflix’s plan has backfired. Netflix has started testing two new features in some Latin and Central American countries, namely Chile, Costa Rica and Peru, forcing subscribers in these countries to pay more if they are found to have shared account details and passwords with people outside their homes. A report in a notable Chilean business daily indicated that Netflix subscribers in the countries mentioned above have not seen uniform messages from Netflix. Nor are they always subject to the same rules. With new rules thrown in haphazardly and poor scheduling making additional fees seem less and less worthwhile, many subscribers have given up their Netflix subscriptions altogether. Others say they have continued to share their accounts with others because Netflix has not yet notified them of the new policy. And there are even some subscribers who have chosen to ignore the policy but have yet to face any consequences. Netflix had previously explained that it defines a “household” as people who live in the same building. In other words, it has nothing to do with whether or not you’re related to another person. It’s about being in the same location as everyone else on the account. Despite this seemingly simple explanation, the new features are causing confusion. The report also cites a person from Peru who claimed that he shares his account with his girlfriend, brother and parents. They all live in different places, but none have been notified of a new policy or extra charge. Another Netflix subscriber in Peru stated that she shares her account with her friends and said that she received a notification about her account validation about a month ago. They simply ignored the message and have continued to share their account ever since, without any increase in charges. Not only in India but also globally, Netflix is ​​one of the most expensive streaming services and charges much more than its competitors. Combine that with a weirdest ever list of original contentand it is clear that Netflix has a lot of work to do. Via: FirstPost