NFTs Why do NFTs pollute? The energetic impact generated by creating this digital art Something that is rarely discussed among the defenders of cryptocurrencies…

Something that is little discussed among the defenders of cryptocurrencies is the environmental impact that they may have. In fact, it is a relevant point that we recommend analyzing if you are interested in this world. For this, we will tell you a little about the reasons why NFTs pollute to our environment.

You have to leave that this control is decentralized and very safe to verify the authenticity of the digital goods that are acquired. This technology is fundamental when we understand, for example, how bitcoin works and others like it. But the question that many want to know is how it is possible that these resources affect the earth in any way.

What factor of NFTs is the one that interferes with environmental well-being?

Any modern technology related to the acquisition of tokens or cryptocurrencies leaves a carbon footprint that must be analyzed. In any case, more specifically, the impact can be determined by knowing the procedures involved and what they entail.

The creation of blockchain or block chains

Checking theto authenticity of an NFT It is carried out through a Blockchain. Through the above technology it is possible to keep a reliable record of each of the tokens that it integrates, in this case the works.

In any case, there is a carbon footprint and considerable impact on the environment. This is because most NFTs are acquired through cryptocurrenciesspecifically, the best known network is managed by Ethereum.

Why do NFTs pollute and their energy impact?

Cryptocurrencies at a general level are distinguished by the computational requirement that is required, contemplated by their prove of work. In the current context, the energy that used for network operation and the system is something that is taken as intrinsic. The above means that this energy consumption is seen as natural to obtain cryptos.

Too much electricity consumption

It is public knowledge that for the ‘production’ of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum electricity is required. The impact of NFTs on the planet has led many to debate the existence of this form of digital commerce.

The environment could be directly affected throughout the process. As for the electrical energy consumption, is high because to obtain cryptocurrencies, a large processing capacity is required. In turn, many miners have multiple machines, which increases the problem.

In reality, perhaps the main cause of the drawbacks is that cryptocurrencies have become an everyday thing for many. It is possible that Initially, the impact was not considered. what this entails for nature. Even so, the aforementioned could change if the market is revolutionized.

Reasons why NFTs pollute and their environmental impact

How much carbon does the buying and selling of NFTs produce?

In reality, there is no absolute and real figure to determine the amount of CO2 included in the sale of NFTs. In any case, some studies determine that a common transaction for the acquisition of these tokens could entail up to 23KG of carbon dioxide.

It is fair to say that the figures mentioned represent a significant carbon footprint, which means that the environmental impact of this technology is real. In any case, it should also be noted that any currency or system that uses Blockchain technology is a participant in this consumption and pollution.

How do you plan to solve the problem of contamination with NFTs?

It is possible to think that creating an Axie Infinity account or making transactions with cryptocurrencies does not have an environmental impact. In any case, as we have mentioned before, contamination exists and must be analyzed. Even so, it is fair to indicate that there are some proposals that seek fight these problems.

The modern initiative ‘DigitalArt4Climate’

DigitalArt4Climate is an association that promotes the use of NFTs as a means to publicize art and in turn encourage sustainable development. The proposals are based on the idea that through creativity and its support it is possible to generate progress and even contribute to the environment.

the reason for the contamination of the nft

The association understands that Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or Bitcoin can generate an environmental impact. In any case, it is also determined that this often happens due to the use of old and inefficient technologies.

For this reason, the association establishes that, through constant support and education, this problem can be eradicated. The idea is to minimize the carbon footprint left by the NFTmaking the necessary investments to avoid the problem.

On the other hand, DigitalArt4Climate aims to delve into the benefits of art and digital progress. Given this, relevant points are established such as the benefits of digitization and how this can contribute effectively against environmental pollution.

The powerful network ‘Climate Chain Coalition’

Another initiative of great renown that speaks out in relation to the environmental impact of Blockchain and other similar technologies is ‘Climate Chain Coalition’. Through its media, it seeks to promote recurrent investment in the environment.

reasons why nfts pollute

The proposed idea is to make the necessary changes so that the environmental impact is less and less. At the same time, citizens and companies that make use of technology are encouraged to NTF, Ethereum, Blockchain among others, make your contribution.

‘Climate Chain Coalition’ is based on MRV (Measurement, reporting and verification) which refers to how governments and organizations respond to climate change. As its name indicates, the intention is to measure, report and check carbon footprint that may have some activity.

Through the aforementioned principles, it seeks to establish the appropriate means to act and improve the environmental Issues of new technologies.

In a nutshell, ‘Climate Chain Coalition’ seeks that each citizen, company or institution understands the impact on the environment that these actions may have. In any case, if you want to learn more about it, you can see more information or even contact them on their website.