Notion How to use Notion and be an organization professional? To take ideas, tasks or expenses to the next level you must…

To take ideas, tasks or expenses to the next level you must automate the control of any management. Notion is the tool you need for this purpose. With the software you can organize, document and combine different functions.

So, the app offers a all-in-one workspace for increased productivity. Navigation filters, pages and sub pages, write texts, checkbox, lists, databases and more. The above are Notion plugins to organize you and receive notifications of your second memory.

What features of Notion can I use for my business?

Anyone who needs to improve their planning and organization of tasks can benefit from Notion. Now, for small businesses there is the possibility of optimize productivity by getting organized with the tools of the app. In addition, it will improve the management time and the delegation of tasks immediately.

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When working with distant teams, organizing tasks and exchanging ideas is to maintain digital contact. It is possible to increase the productivity of teams and professionals who do remote work using Notion blocks. In your full panel you can view project status and attach material of interest to all shared users.

Features like database modules are one of Notion’s star tools. It is the most useful for companies, since acts as a database, where you can create a table with two dimensions (rows and columns). You can run a CRM with a company’s customer information with unlimited complexity.

Compared to other ERP management systems, Notion generates each row of a table on a ‘page’. That is, when clicking on one of the names of a client, a page-line with two large modules is displayed. Now, in the upper part of the table the data is reflected and in the lower part a blank page for writing notes.

Many more features like verification, date, attachments, tags and hyperlinks are the most used. Each function or property has its own type of formatting and customization. Also, for make the database visible you can convert and view only the fields you want, in calendar, list, or timeline form.

Notion can be used to The management of human resources, thanks to the fact that its free API allows you to create pre-designed models. However, in your community you can download templates from the gallery that help the HR area. H H. to make job offers, take notes of an interview, manage the worker file.

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The tool offers to maintain internal communication in the company, the creation of an ideas mailbox, a discussion board or a forum of sorts. In this versatile app highly complex presentations are produced to integrate third parties. Design editable documents such as marketing plan It is possible, thanks to its document management linked to the Google cloud.

Notion costs around $20 per worker or shared user. Its operation does not change depending on the profile used, be it personal or business. The most noticeable difference is the ability to attach heavier files or get more utensils.

How can Notion be used if I am a teacher?

If you are a teacher, the tool offers an educational plan at no cost where you get Premium account privileges. With a email address belonging to the institute or university the plan is accessed. In this way, a space is created to upload and manage educational content for classes.

Students will have access to the platform from any device to download the material and edit it (with prior authorization). With the course program you can track student attendance and produce databases. Unlimited guests and file storage with no weight limit, perfect for heavy PDFs.

Among the functional characteristics of Notion for teachers, is the creation of bases that structure all the content or planning. The above is called ‘Wiki’, to express a more orderly and fast work, similar to a web page. On the other hand, it can classify activities, use tagsprojects and states for better filtering.

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Assigning tasks to specific users allows you to track what each member of a team or course does. Also, set a delivery deadline and classify the different subjects. You can even schedule the dates of the next evaluations.

How to use Notion to study in a more organized way?

The era of student taking notes by hand with offline tools like Word or any other word processor is over. Currently most academic resources are shared in digital format and Notion provides the means to store and organize the material, reason enough to register on the platform.

The student no longer has to create different folders to store important documents or share information through emails. The free app allows taking templates that save a lot of time by organizing classes more easily.

The above through tables, calendars and notebook, all linked to the cloud. The main tool used within Notion by students is its note book and organizing calendar.