Notion How to use Notion blocks, widgets and other tools? Notion is a productivity app that makes it easy to organize…

Notion is a productivity app that makes it easy to organization of tasks and planning processes. Like all tools of this type, it allows you to use different functions in a workspace. In this regard, here we explain how to use Notion blocks, widgets and other tools.

How to add a column to a project in Notion?

it’s possible add a column to a plan in Notion. In this sense, we can group text and images without the need to make a table. It should be noted that the App has no column limits. Therefore, you can generate as many as you want and thus organize class schedules and other elements.

If you want to create a column in Notion you must place the cursor in the space that you want to convert to a column. Then, you will see a handle icon with which you can move the content. Drag the information anywhere. Check that the text has been placed in the left or right area to avoid being positioned below the horizontal blue line.

use notion blocks, widgets and other tools

Immediately, a vertical light blue stripe will be displayed. This means you just made a column. Now, drop the content by dropping the cursor in the area of ​​your preference. This way, you can complete the process quickly and easily. You can repeat the procedure in order to add as many as you want.

Once you have made all the columns, you can arrange them to your liking. To do this, look at the left side panel. There, you will find the list of all settings added to the workspace. You just have to click on the column and drag it to the place you want. Thus, you can establish an order according to priorities or preferences.

Also, you can add headers. In this way, you can give a name to each column according to the information it contains. Notion even allows you to choose the size of the header. To achieve this, place your cursor on a new line within the column and click the ‘+’ sign. Lastly, choose the size of the header.

How to add images to a block in Notion?

Also, it is possible to add photos to a block. To do this, open the app from your PC or on your mobile device. Use the slash command for the purpose of going to the dropdown menu. Click on ‘Media’ and choose the ‘Image’ option. Then select the photo stored on your computer. It is also feasible add a link to a photo.

use notion blocks widgets and other tools

It is important to note that the file length limit is 5 MB. Once you select the image, it is possible to see it in the block. Over there, you can change the size, moving the bars at each end. It can even be adjusted in order to place it in a specific area of ​​the block.

After adding images, it is possible to add a comment. If you want to do this, hover over the image and several options will immediately appear at the top right. Select the box icon to write your comment. Also, you can add a subtitle or open the original image.

A widget is a piece of web code that you can integrate into an application or website. These serve to obtain relevant information. Users have the ability to customize widgets in order to add items like a calendara weather guide and others.

You may add a widget in your project. To achieve this, run the app or go to the Notion website. Then, open the web page where the widget you want to add is located. Copy the URL to add it. Next, head over to the software and type ‘/embed’ and select ‘Insert’.

use widgets and other tools as notion blocks

Next, paste the link or URL you copied in the previous step and click the ‘Embed Link’ option. In this way, you can add the widget to your Notion document. Then, you will be able to see that the widget you have selected will be loaded. It is possible to modify its size according to your preferences or add as many as you need.

Steps to put the weather in Notion

It is possible to point out the weather and know it in real time in Notion, through a weather widget. Open the ‘indify’ website, log in and choose your geographic location. click on the URL in the address bar. Press ‘Ctrl + C’ and run the app. Type /embed, paste the URL and press ‘Embed Link’.

How to add a clock to my blocks?

Notion allows add a clock to the blocks. To do this, go to the Apption website and click on the folder icon displayed on the right side of the URL. Go to the Notion app or web and type /embed. Paste the address you just copied and hit the ‘Embed Link’ button.