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Notion is a powerful application that comes with a variety of options to organize tasks in order to optimize time management. This tool allows you to create documents, databases and projects. For this reason, it is convenient that you know how to use the program from scratch in order to know this task manager.

How to register and log in to Notion on mobile or PC?

You can use the Notion tool to perform different tasks. One of the most striking advantages of the program is that it allows you to synchronize activities in the cloud. The software is useful in Importing and exporting files.

To register and enter the cell phone you must download the App Notion from the application store associated with your device. Open the tool and select a plan. notion offers a free version and other paid versions (personal, team and business). If you use a PC, you can access the Notion website directly.

After choosing the type of plan of your preference from your mobile, access the website ‘’ and press the ‘Sign up’ button. Link a Google email or enter another address. Check your inbox to copy a code that the developer company will send to your account. Go to the App and paste the serial you just received.

learn to use notion from scratch manage tasks and time

Immediately, a form will be displayed where you will have to write your first and last name. Then, create your space and select whether it will be personal or part of a business group. If you choose the basic mode, a main page will be displayed with a panel to add elements.

How to create a template step by step in Notion?

The program offers a list of designs that facilitate the work of users. If you want to make a template from scratch, go to the side panel and click on the corresponding function. Then, you will see a window with several categories. If you want to see more options available, click on ‘Full Gallery’.

A web page will then open with a list of predefined layouts that you can attach to your Notion workspace. On the other hand, you can choose to add other models using your own format according to your personal preferences and tastes.

How to change the language of Notion?

It is possible to modify the language of the program. To achieve this, click on the gear icon displayed at the top of the left side panel of the app. Then, tap on the world icon and click on the dropdown menu. Select the language of your preference and press the button to confirm the modification.

How to change the font of the blocks I use in Notion?

You may change the letter of the blocks you use. To do this, access the block’s menu by clicking on the three dots displayed at the top right of the element. There, you will see a list of options that include the default font, serif, and mono.

manage your time using notion from scratch task manager and time management

You can use Notion blocks and change the font size of your blocks. If you want to do it, move the switch located on the menu and activate the option ‘Small text’. Every single change you make will be synced across all the devices you’ve linked with the app.

What are the most used shortcuts in Notion?

Notion allows you to use different quick links in order to speed up the use of the tools. In this regard, the most used links are included to /page which is used to add a page. Also, it is possible to create a table with the /table shortcut. You can even add a title using the /heading linker.

Another link used in Notion is /to-do which is used to create a simple list of tasks. On the other hand, if you prefer to make a board out of cards, you can use the /Board function. If you want to upload a file, use the /file shortcut. Another linker that can be used in Notion is /web bookmark which adds a bookmark or /calendar with the purpose of add a calendar.

If you want to quickly add photos without opening the menu, you can type the /image shortcut. In case you prefer to add audiovisual material, write /video. It is possible to enter mathematical formulas in Notion. To do this, use the /math equation shortcut. This function has its limits, since you will not be able to put mathematical symbols nor integral.