Notion How to use Notion on my mobile or PC to take notes and organize activities? Notion is an excellent productivity tool that makes it easy to order…

Notion is an excellent productivity tool that facilitates the order of the tasks that we carry out day by day. It presents functions to take notes and organize activities. For this reason, in this tutorial you will learn how to use it on your mobile or PC in order to take full advantage of this application.

How to set Notion language to Spanish?

Order is an essential factor to have a high level of productivity in the personal, academic and professional context. For this reason, it is convenient to use a tool for document management. With Notion we can write down tasks, organize class schedules and carry out other activities in order to speed up the handling of information.

It is important to note that Notion is not available in Spanish language in the PC version. The tool can only be set in two languages: English or Korean. To set the language for Notion, open the app and click the cogwheel. Next, tap the globe icon and select ‘English’ from the dropdown menu.

Then a confirmation message will be displayed. Press the red button and wait a few seconds while the paint is applied. Notion interface change. It is worth mentioning that the App for mobile devices does not have a language setting option. This happens because the tool adopts the language in your mobile system.

use notion to take notes

In addition, you can configure the use of various applications in Notion. In this regard, it is possible to integrate Google Docs, Evernote and other tools from the application panel. Also, it is possible import and export documents of different formats. In Notion, blocks can be created in Spanish, but the platform will display in English.

What features of Notion can I use to organize my daily tasks?

After downloading it to your PC or mobile device, you will notice that it presents a list of options for activity planning. If you want to organize your daily academic tasks, you can use functions of text annotation, make work and exam calendars and mark thesis progress. Notion offers galleries, bookmarks, and boards.

Also, you can register a university account if you want to use all the features of the software for free. Notion provides tools to add notes and documents. Therefore, you can generate different content and append them into the workspace. It is even possible to add tables and lists to organize your daily tasks.

Notion features various settings to suit users’ needs. With the free plan you can access all the functions of the application, but you will have certain limitations. In contrast, the Premium options allow unlimited use of all personal or administration tools if you work in a company.

How can I connect Google Calendar with Notion

To use Google Calendar on your PC, you need to sign in with your Gmail account. In this way, you can access tool. Next, locate the ‘Google Calendar’ option and click the gear icon to configure the settings.

organize your time with notion on pc or mobile

If you use a cell phone, access the Play Store and search for the ‘Google Calendar’ App. Click on ‘Install’ and wait a few seconds while the process completes. You can connect this calendar with Notion, but it is not possible to sync it with this App. This means that the Google tool will be embedded in Notion; however, you will not be able to edit it.

Click ‘My Calendars’ from Calendar. Then, press the three dots icon and select the ‘Set up and share’ option. Check the ‘Share publicly’ box and press ‘Create link to share’. Then copy the URL shown. Open the program and click ‘Create Embed’ in order to paste the URL.

Once you link Google Calendar with Notion you will be able to build a dashboard to include all calendar events, notes and reminders. It is essential that you set the Google tool to ‘Public’ in order to successfully embed in the Notion app. This option is not recommended if you want to preserve your privacy and create reminders in Windows.

How to put Notion in dark mode?

Dark mode is a useful option for users who are in front of the PC screen for long hours. it’s possible put Notion in dark mode. To do this, click on ‘Settings and members’ next to the gear icon. Then toggle the ‘Dark mode’ switch like this, you can activate the ‘Dark mode’ feature in the Notion interface.

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