Oxxo What is Oxxo and how does your commercial chain system work? Oxxo convenience stores are among the most relevant in…

Oxxo What is Oxxo and how does your commercial chain system work? Oxxo convenience stores are among the most relevant in…

Oxxo convenience stores are from the most relevant in Mexico. In fact, it has been one of the most important Mexican companies for many years. Given this, just as we recommend knowing how the giant McDonald’s came about, we also invite you to learn more about this Hispanic-American commercial chain.

What does the word Oxxo mean?

Actually, the term does not have any specific meaning and its origin is not entirely clear. What is known is that the first company logo I already integrated it. In fact, about this logo, some point out that the idea of ​​the name arose when it was created. If you did not know, the first logo of the company was a shopping cart, whose wheels contained the name that we all know today.

How did the first Oxxo commercial store come about?

It is very important to highlight that the company belongs to FEMSA, a huge Monterrey company that has more than 100 years since its foundation. Now, as for the history of Oxxo, it is most interesting. In the first place, the store was born after an agreement with Cervecería Cuauhtémoc, seeing the light for the first time in May 1978.

what is the story of oxxo

The idea of ​​creating Oxxo arises in order to increase product sales of the aforementioned brewery. At first he sold beers, cigarettes, and other basics. Although it is fair to point out that after a few years his proposals are greatly expanded.

Who is the creator of Oxxo?

The founder of this retail company is Eugenio Garza Laguera, a very important businessman from Mexico. In fact, the tycoon belongs to one of the most fruitful families in the nation, being participants in some of the most relevant companies in the country.

What was the initial objective of the Oxxo stores?

As we pointed out at the beginning, the establishments of this retail company arose with the purpose of encouraging the sales of the Cuauhtémoc brewery. In any case, it was a matter of time before the company began to grow and become the chain of convenience that we know today.

What is it that makes Oxxo stores so popular?

There are many factors that help make this business establishment so important. In the first place, it is fair to point out that its expansion and large number of branches is an aspect that directly intervenes in its success. In turn, other highlights, are your advertising and marketing.

In fact, as we mentioned, Oxxo originates as a proposal from a consolidated company (FEMSA). This encouraged expansion and creation of many branch offices. In turn, on a more practical level, commerce sells any type of merchandise, which makes it very convenient to buy.

what is the oxxo chain and how does it work

In all the company’s stores you can find local products, and consumables, difficult to find in other establishments, as is the case with the healthier Coca-Cola. It is this excellent availability and variety that make it stand out so much.

Where are the Oxxo stores located?

oxo is a company of mexican origin, for which the vast majority of its branches are in this country. Therefore, in Mexico you can find an Oxxo in any city in the nation. Even so, not everything stays in this North American country.

In fact, Oxxo has sought growth since its origins and in the last decade it has expanded to new horizons. Today, you can find Oxxo retailers and chains in countries like Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Chile.

Although expansion is a constant, FEMSA and the leaders of the convenience chain have not forgotten their nation of origin. Therefore, every year new branches of the company are opened in Mexican lands and company growth it’s constant.

what is oxxo about and how is its chain system

How does the Oxxo store supply chain work?

It should be noted that Oxxo’s ways of working vary depending on the establishment and the region where you are. In any case, there are a few points that we can determine and that are ‘general’ in any of the company’s establishments.

First of all, it’s fair to point out that Oxxo is not a franchise. In fact, the entity usually works with agreements between other companies, also known as commercial contracts. This means that, although the stores belong to FEMSA, they are usually managed by external agents.

In any case, it is clear that Oxxo sets certain standards that must be met in each of its branches. This modality has made the company provide directly and indirectly worked to a large number of people.