Photoshop How to convert a text to 3D with Photoshop and add textures – Simple tutorial Today the use of Photoshop is very important and…

Today the use of photoshop It is very important and useful due to the diversity of tools that this program has, which is editing photos, adding effects such as blurring a face, adding textures, converting 2D to 3D text, among others.

All these tools are necessary and in this article you will see how to convert a text to 3D, add textures to them with the Photoshop program to get the most out of your edition.

How to import a texture in Photoshop CC?

To add a texture in Photoshop it is necessary to import the texture to that program and thus start editing the text:

  1. Search your web browser for an image of the texture you want. you want to apply to the image to edit.
  2. You can either download the image to your computer or just right click on the image and select ‘Copy Image’.
  3. Open the image to be edited in Photoshop CC of the version you have of it and then press the keys ‘CTRL+V’ to paste the image into the program.
  4. You can also go to the ‘Edit’ tab by clicking and pressing ‘Paste’, either way will paste the image.
  5. Use the keyboard shortcut ‘CTRL+P’ and adjust the texture image to as is the size of the image and press the ‘ENTER’ key.
  6. Then go to the tools on the right side and find where the layers are. In the box that indicates ‘Normal’ some options will be displayed where you must click on ‘Multiply’ and the texture will already be added to the image.

add texture to text in photoshop

How is a texture applied to the letters of a text?

In various contents, textures are incorporated into the texts or words that give better effects to the letters, to include these effects in Photoshop the procedure is quite simple, just you must perform these steps:

  1. Enter the Photoshop program and press the ‘CTRL+N’ keys simultaneously to create a new document.
  2. Display a pop-up window where the option to place information on the name, the width/height level of the image and other functions will be displayed, then click on ‘Ok’.
  3. On the left side look for the ‘Text’ tool represented by the letter ‘T’ icon. Then, click on it and in the blank document copy the text you want.
  4. Search the computer for the image of the type of texture you need to apply to the text, tap on the image and press the ‘CTRL+C’ keys, then go to Photoshop where you will apply the key combination ‘CTRL+V’.
  5. Having the texture image wraps the text and go to the layers section, there you will see if the texture image layer is on top of the text.
  6. Finally, click on the image layer and press the ‘ALT’ key, then click once and the texture will be applied to the text.

What are the steps to add 3D effect to text?

There are two very important steps to adding the 3D effect to the text in the Photoshop program, in order to edit the image with text in the program. Here you will see the step by step for each procedure.

Edit a texture in 2D format

With Photoshop you can perform various functions and visual effects to edit textures in 2D formatsTo do it correctly, follow these instructions:

modify a 2d texture in photoshop

  1. Open the texture layers panel by double clicking and in the materials section select the material of the texture.
  2. At the bottom of the panel click on the texture menu icon, to to be able to edit it, select ‘Open texture’.
  3. Then use any kind of Photoshop tool to edit the texture, paint, or whatever else you want to do.
  4. To finish the procedure there is a window that you must activate where the content is located in the 3D model.
  5. If you want to see the updated texture and later apply it to your model, save the changes and close the texture section.

Apply the texture directly to the model

In this section to apply the texture directly on the model it is necessary to remove the surfaces of your texture or model temporarily so that you can go to the areas which you wish to paint.

What effect models serve as examples to create a 3D text?

As mentioned before, effects are applied to different media and content for better visual appeal and quality. From Photoshop there are four effects that are very good at time to create a 3D textbelow you will see each of them.

create a mockup model in photoshop

film models

Currently this model is widely used, consists of a film-like effect which is achieved by using shades of blue colors in combination with the color water green, mixing it in turn with the color orange.

mockup model

The good thing about this effect is that it can be used in any of the versions of Photoshop, old or new, it is also known as the Miniature Effect, Mockup Effect or Tilt-shift Effect. The effect of an optical illusion is achievedwhich displays the image in thumbnail form.

Effects in gold version

The gold version effect is used specifically for texts, as it makes text with a gold or gold color look very striking. In Photoshop you can edit it so that the golden version effect remains in a very elegant and shiny way in the text.

3D rubber effects

The 3D rubber effect is quite a creative function, it is done in the Photoshop program with the mixer brush toolit is also applied in vector editors in images and in 3D, it is possible to do it in the text to see it in a fun way in the form of rubber and at the same time in 3D.

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