Prices and where to buy the Mac Studio with M1 Ultra chip

The Mac Studio is the new desktop computer launched by Apple that can house the M1 Ultra chip, also presented as a great novelty for becoming the most powerful processor to date with 20 CPU cores and another 64 GPU cores.

To a certain extent, the MacStudio It reminds us slightly of the G4 Cube from the year 2000, although it also has features of the original Apple TV, as well as the Mac Pro of 2013. However, the vast majority will associate it with the design of the Mac mini, although now with a larger size.

When does Mac Studio go on sale?

As Apple announced, the Mac Studio went on sale on March 18 after a few days of reservations. Or, at least, that’s how it happened in Spain, because in the entire Latin American market there is still no confirmation of the official launch date.

Everything seems to indicate that there will be a great demand from users related to this type of desktop equipment that preferably develops their work with a large monitor screen instead of opting for the mobility provided by the MacBook Pro.

In fact, if we look back, we see that Apple had gone a little over ten years without updating the line of Mac computers, taking Mac out of the equation. macmini which is also used by many creative professionals since adopting the M1 chips.

apple mac studio design

Many analysts predicted that the Mac Studio would be the replacement for the Mac mini, but with greater potential, replacing once and for all the latest models that still run Intel Core processors.

However, this macmini it’s still on sale in the Apple Store, which makes us think that it’s a totally different line of equipment and that Apple will probably renew the Mac mini line at some point in the year.

What are the prices of Mac Studio?

Apple currently markets two models depending on the power of the processor, with the entry-level model associated with the M1 Max chip, while the higher configuration is at the expense of the M1 ultra chip.

These chips can be paired with 32 or 64 GB unified RAM memory configurations, as well as storage capacities that can scale from 512 GB to 8 TB of storage.

Thus, the most economical configuration of MacStudio part of the €2,329 not including any other accessories (keyboard and mouse) or pre-installed software, beyond the operating system macOS Monterey.

The price increases due to the jump of more or less cores of the M1 Max or M1 Ultra chip are significant. The M1 Max with 10 CPU cores and 32 GPU cores is €230 higher than the price of the base model.

However, the most notable amount comes when selecting the M1 Ultra model. With 20 CPU cores and 48 GPU cores, the price of the chip rises to €1,610. If you choose the most powerful one with 20 CPU cores and 64 GPU cores, the increase amounts to €2,760.

Apple Mac Studio connectors and ports

Try configuring the top-of-the-range Mac Studio, with the most powerful chip, 128 GB of unified RAM and 8 TB of storage, and the cost of the equipment will come to you for nothing more and nothing less than €9,229 without including screen or accessories.

Where to buy Mac Studio?

these are the shops on-line where you can already buy the new Mac Studio in Spain:

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