PrimeX100 and Blockchain

The number of blockchain projects has doubled in recent years. The tool facilitates the creation of financial platforms without the intervention of third parties. Some classify it as the technology of the future and they are right. They came to change the paradigm and offer a different version of the financial system.

One of those many blockchain projects that aims to revolutionize traditional finance is PrimeX100a platform to generate passive income that works through smart contracts that are executed automatically when certain conditions are met.

The PrimeX100 model represents an innovative irruption in years where cryptocurrencies are in the eye of the storm and everyone wants to take advantage of the benefits of the instrument.

Do you want to know how it works and what role do smart contracts or decentralized algorithm play?

In the next publication of PrimeX100 and Blockchain We will learn about a platform aimed at people who are starting in the world of investments, cryptocurrencies, the block chain and decentralized finance.

What is PrimeX100 about?

PrimeX100 is a tool to generate passive income investing in cryptocurrencies. The financial platform, which started operations in 2022, is based on the creation of smart contracts.

how to generate income in PrimeX100

PrimeX100 is a comfortable, innovative and sophisticated alternative to invest in cryptocurrencies safely, without the need for exorbitant capital and knowledge of trading, mining or the market.

PrimeX100 and Blockchain

Like most platforms to invest in cryptocurrencies that exist today, PrimeX100 works on a chain of blocks in charge of processing and registering orders.

Behind PrimeX100 is a group made up of young and old professionals, who have spent years working and refining the blockchain.

It began in the year 2021, spent 15 months in gestation and today, in the year 2022, it is operational.

The backbone of the PrimeX100 blockchain is smart contracts, which are executed to produce returns for the duration of the deal.

But what are financial contracts? Although they are mentioned a lot, few people really know what they are about and why they are so important to PrimeX100.

A smart contract is an agreement between parties, with conditions and rules, designed in computer code. Not on paper. The main difference between traditional contracts is that they are executed automatically when conditions are met.

Smart contracts are written on the blockchain. This brings numerous benefits, such as the use in projects related to cryptocurrencies. But, the most decisive benefit is that smart contracts cannot be modified. They are imperturbable agreements that guarantee the indicated payment.

Each contract has a duration and an amount of interest to be returned by PrimeX100. It means that the program It will pay you 1% of the return on investment every 24 hours. If the contract has a duration of 300 days, the first 100 days will return the amount invested and the remaining 200 will be profits.

There are no contract limits. As long as you do it from the same account. PrimeX100 does not allow users to create more than one account to invest.

How to invest in PrimeX100

PrimeX100 is a platform that prioritizes the user experience. It facilitates the process, so that those who do not have knowledge in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, smart contracts, decentralized finance or the combination of all of these, can make their investment in a matter of minutes.

The first thing is to register. You enter the platform, provide the data in the form, choose a username, a password and that’s it, you can now enter the PrimeX100 panel.

From within the platform, you have several options, such as withdrawing available funds, checking withdrawal history, sharing a referral link, and starting a contract. If it’s your first time at PrimeX100, that’s where you need to push.

The tool will ask you the amount you want to invest. You place the amount and press the button to pay with external payments. The next thing is to choose the cryptocurrency. There are three available: Bitcoin, Litecoin and USDT.

PrimeX100 rewards system

Then a deposit confirmation will appear with the address of the wallet where you must deposit. You cannot do it in fiat money, such as dollars or euros, only in cryptocurrencies, so if you do not have any of the currencies mentioned, you will have to buy them in a trusted exchange, such as Binance.

When making the payment, the contract will be executed automatically and interest will be credited daily to your balance until the date set in the agreement is fulfilled.

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