Report shows Safari reaches 1 billion users worldwide, still behind Google Chrome

According to a recent report, Apple’s Safari finally hit 1 billion users, becoming the second browser to hit the milestone, alongside Google Chrome, which shines even brighter in popularity. According to Atlas VPN, 1,006,232,879 Internet users (19.16% of all Internet users) currently use the Safari browser. Meanwhile, Google Chrome has three times as many, with a whopping 3,378,967,819 users. Microsoft Edge is in third place with about 212,695,000 users. Atlas VPN’s findings are based on GlobalStats browser market share percentage, which was converted to numbers using Internet World Stats’ Internet user metric to retrieve the precise numbers. Their report seems to suggest that Safari’s growth could be related to the browser’s adoption of privacy and security features, but it’s likely more a reflection of mobile market share where Safari and Chrome come pre-installed on Apple devices. and Android.Image credits: Atlas VPN Apple’s web browser is automatically installed on all Apple devices, while Chrome comes pre-installed with most versions of Android. This helps give both tech giants an edge in the competition. And while Microsoft ships its Edge browser with Windows, it lost out in the mobile market due to the Windows Phone glitch. That said, Apple has introduced several new browser privacy features over the past year that could help attract users. The new browser privacy report, for example, shows how many and which Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) cross-site trackers prevented access to your information. Chrome is often considered a more attractive browser, however, with web apps like YouTube, Drive, Calendar, Docs, Earth, and Maps, among others. Last week, Google launched a new way to use Google Lens on desktop, allowing users of the Chrome browser on desktop to search for any image on a web page with Google Lens. In April, a new “multi-search” feature via Google Lens was also launched on the Google mobile app. Also, version 100 of Google Chrome was released at the end of March and Chrome on Android became 15% faster. Other browsers in the report included Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Samsung Internet, and Opera. As noted, Microsoft Edge was the third most popular browser with over 212 million users, surpassing Firefox which has 179 million internet users. Since the release of Windows 11, Microsoft Edge has become the default browser on all devices and in turn has received a huge increase in its user base. The Firefox browser is geared towards more privacy-conscious users as it offers protection features such as anti-tracking security, pop-up blocking malware, and phishing. Mozilla released version 100 of the browser in early May. Fifth on the list was Samsung’s Internet browser, which is used by more than 149 million users. The latest is the Opera browser, with more than 108 million users. People can not only use Opera for daily tasks, but it also has a crypto browser and app with a built-in crypto wallet that supports Ethereum, Polygon, and Celo blockchain technology.


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