Samsung Tv Plus How to download ‘Samsung TV Plus’ on my Smart TV? – Step by step It is amazing how technology has advanced and every time we…

Samsung Tv Plus How to download ‘Samsung TV Plus’ on my Smart TV? – Step by step It is amazing how technology has advanced and every time we…

It is amazing how technology has advanced and every time we are presented with devices that are very efficient and intelligent. In the case of Samsung TVs, These have evolved over time. From being a simple drawer with a screen, to having an entire intelligent machine.

However, it is important to note that in order to download apps on the Smart TV, a series of considerations must be carried out, and more so if it is about the ‘Samsung TV Plus’ app. Therefore, for this purpose we bring you a step by step.

Requirements to download Samsung TV Plus

Samsung TV Plus is a Software that allows access television content on a Smart TV from the same company. In addition, it is very common to see other apps that are integrated with which you can watch programs such as series and movies.

know the requirements that the smart tv must have to download samsung tv plus

By downloading Samsung TV Plus you have the possibility to enjoy more than 100 free channels without having to pay anything. In addition, it includes different programming themes and among which you will find sports, news, movies, series and much more.

On the other hand, if you have a Smart TV in your home, it will most likely have the Samsung TV Plus app incorporated. If this is true, you will be able to enjoy all the channels for free. In case you have seen such application, you can turn off and then turn on again the television. Then you can access the channels that are available without downloading anything.

Now, if at any time you wonder if you will have to pay a fee to view this content, you need to remember that it is free. Since, it is a service that the Samsung company offers its users for the purchase of their equipment.

However, if you have searched and cannot find the app, then you will have to proceed to download it. But first, you should know that your device has to have some requirements.

A Samsung Smart TV that is not older than 2016

One of the requirements by the company to lower Samsung TV Plus software, is that the equipment must have a recent model. Also, it is necessary to update the Smart TV with the latest version. Otherwise it will not be able to download.

However, the devices that will enjoy this app are those that are from the year 2016 onwards. In case you have one that is lower than the one mentioned, it will not work.

Devices with Android versions 8 or higher

If you have a television with its Android operating system, then in order to download the application you must have a minimum version of 8. Which means that the device that has this specification or if it has a higher one, will have the possibility to download it.

what do i need to download samsung tv plus on my smart tv

have internet

Most entertainment equipment, which are Smart TVs, come with the option to connect to a Wi-Fi network. In addition, it is something necessary to be able to enjoy all the applications it contains in its interface. Similarly, to download the Samsung TV Plus app you have to have an Internet connection, because otherwise it will not be possible to install it.

How to download Samsung TV Plus for Smart TV and other devices?

In the case of having a Smart TV of another brand other than Samsung. The most recommended option will be to download said app from the device’s applications app. For this, the first thing you should do is go to the app store that comes with the device.

then write the Samsung TV app and click on download and then install. However, in the case of not having an application store, you must download the app from the device’s web browser.

For a Samsung brand Smart TV

You don’t need to download anything or pay extra, just turn on your TV. To access, simply turn on your Samsung Smart TV and press the ‘smart hub’ switch on the remote. Depending on the model you will see the button with the corresponding inscription or with the square of colors right in the center.

what is samsung tv plus

Flip that switch on the smart tv remote and you will access the applications. Along with your usual apps you will see that there is Samsung TV Plus. Then you will have access to the different channels that are free.

If my device has Android

Very well, as is known, some Smart TV have Android operating system, this to facilitate users the optimal operation of the device. In general, these devices have an application store from the factory, through which you can download and install the app.

As in any other device that has an Android operating system, the app store will be the Play Store. This app is available in the Google Play Store, all you have to do is type in the Samsung TV search engine and then download it.