Samsung’s Galaxy S family turns 12, these were its best moments

Samsung Galaxy Family

Since its inception, the Galaxy S family has become the one that represents Samsung’s flagships, with the introduction of all the innovations that are later inherited by the other families. Despite the fact that today smartphones are already very standardized, and news is becoming scarcer, the brand still manages to bring new things every year.

This year Samsung is celebrating the 12th anniversary of the Galaxy S family, and that is why it invites us to review some of its best exponents and moments, let’s see below what brings us nostalgia:

Galaxy S: The Forerunner

Samsung Galaxy S

In 2010, the Galaxy S was the first device in this family to make its name on the back of critically acclaimed hardware performance. Its list of features included the incredible 4” Super Amoled display, which helped the phone outperform most of its competitors using the Android operating system.

For this moment the first iPhone was already 3 years old on the marketand this was one of the first strong bets in the Android market to compete directly with the iPhone.

Galaxy S2: The family takes hold

samsung galaxy s2

With the Dual-core processor, the S2 provided great performance. Equipped with much faster reaction times, an optimized operating system and a larger 4.2” Super AMOLED Plus screen. The Galaxy S2 ensured that the entire range of Galaxy devices would gain global recognition. In addition, he contributed to the success of the company by exceeding expectations and positioning Samsung as the leading smartphone manufacturer of the world in 2011.

From this point the eyes of Smartphone lovers began to look at the Galaxy family as one of the benchmarks in the Android market. by then Google was working with the brands on its flagship Android phones which were called Nexus.

Galaxy S3: The consolidation of success

Samsung Galaxy s3

The Galaxy S3 was the first smartphone that made Galaxy S devices stand out for their elegant designs, with a special emphasis on improving the user experience and not just hardware performance. After its launch, Samsung’s sales volumes skyrocketed and set a new sales record: 30 million units in 5 months.

This was a truly revolutionary phone for the brand, which managed to captivate the hearts of many lovers of Android smartphones, as it was a high-end phone that differentiated itself from its competitors.

Galaxy S4: Breaking records

Samsung Galaxy s4

With a 5” Full HD Super AMOLED display and longer battery life, Samsung made the Galaxy S4 even thinner and lighter (7.9mm and 130g), as well as stand out with unique features to improve users’ lives. . Thanks to the sales of the S4, close to 10 million units in just one month.

Samsung’s design line was very consolidated, and perhaps as a way of innovating, we see that the following models radically changed that formula, trying to establish new design standards.

Galaxy S5: The Age of Innovation

galaxy s5

The smartphone offered a whole series of advances: improvements to the 16MP camera, battery life, fingerprint scanner, resistance to dust and water and a heart rate monitor compatible with portable wearable devices. For the first time, a Galaxy S device was launched in 125 countries.

this is maybe one of the last phones of the brand to have a removable batteryfrom here on we enter the era of sealed phones with non-removable batteries.

Galaxy S6: The New Design Philosophy

samsung galaxy s6 edge

The Galaxy S6 stood out for offering two versions (Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge) with design variations, its most outstanding feature being the inclusion of the edge screen. The Galaxy S6 was the first S-series device to come sealed, which improved its resistance by combining two thin and different materials – metal and glass. As for the Galaxy S6 edge, it offered a revolutionary curved screen Dual Curved, maximizing comfort. It was the first device in the family to have wireless battery charging.

This was my first phone in the Galaxy family, and one of my favorites, for having features that we never saw again, such as an infrared portor an ultra thin and light design.

Galaxy S7: One of the best exponents of the family

galaxy s7

The Galaxy S7 edge was recognized by the GSMA firm as the Best Smartphone of 2016 in the category of Best Equipment and Mobile Devices in the Global Mobile Awards held at Mobile World Congress 2017. The device came loaded with advanced features and a modern look, such as its 1.7 lens aperture, resistance to water and dust with IP68 protection degree certification, fast wired and wireless charging technology, hybrid SIM card tray, and the difference in design and size of its two versions.

Many of the Galaxy S7 users recognize that this has been one of the best phones that Samsung has produced within the S family.

Galaxy S8: The arrival of Bixby and Dex

galaxy s8

In 2017, Samsung introduced the world to the Galaxy S8, a device with unique features such as the infinity display that enhanced the video and browsing experience; hethe possibility of converting the equipment into a computer with Samsung DeX, an accessory that allowed users to edit documents, browse the Internet, watch videos and reply to messages; and the incorporation of the Bixby assistant, which offered the user the possibility of carrying out tasks using the camera or the keyboard.

Galaxy S9: Reimagining Photography

galaxy s9

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ took on the task of offering an enhanced entertainment experience with the company’s most advanced camera to date. the c deviceFeatured a dual aperture that powered an innovative low-light cameravideo capabilities Super Slow-Mo and custom AR Emoji, features designed to adapt and make the way people communicate easier, more intuitive, and more fun. Plus immersive sound from powerful speakers tuned by AKG, sound supported by Dolby Atmos, and a refined edge-to-edge Infinity Display. They also had the application for the first time SmartThingswhich unites Samsung’s existing IoT services into a single, intelligent experience.

This was my second phone in the Samsung S family, and my personal favorite. I think what they did with the dual aperture camera on this phone is something unique that I don’t know why no one else kept doing it. This little one works, it took the S9 camera to another level that is still very competitive even today.

Galaxy S10: The arrival of families by series

galaxy s10

The Galaxy S10 was the result of 10 years of innovation from the Galaxy family, which came to market in 3 versions with innovations in screen, camera, performance and battery. Among its main features were the triple rear camera, the super steady, the possibility of recording in 4K and the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. The S10 family also became the first to receive HDR10+ certification, which guarantees brighter and more realistic colors, even when the user receives direct sunlight on their mobile screen.

This was the family’s first phone in have more than one camera on the back, starting that trend of including several functional lenses in a single phone. This was also the first year that the market introduced the new Galaxy Z family of foldable phones.

Galaxy S20: The 5G

galaxy s20

With 5G ushering in a new decade of mobile innovation, all Galaxy S20 series devices (Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra) they came equipped with 5G technology. This line of devices introduced an entirely new camera system, powered by AI and with the largest image sensor ever, to bring out the best in every image and every moment. In addition, it had the possibility of making 8K videos. For that year it was the first time that the Ultra version was mentioned in a Galaxy series.

Galaxy S21: The content creators

galaxy s21

The Galaxy S21 family was designed for the influencers and content creators who began to take over social networks. This series features a professional-quality camera, which allows users to express themselves in multiple ways: 8K recording, Space Zoom, Single Take, Super Steady, Slow Mode, portrait mode and night mode; furthermore, with the Director Mode you can select the lens you want to shoot with while shootinga. One of the most outstanding aspects was its Contour Cut design, which integrates the camera module into the frame of the cell phone, achieving an elegant appearance.

Galaxy S22: The Note family joins the S family

galaxy s22

The Galaxy S22 Series – made up of the S22 Ultra, S22+ and S22 – was created for those who want devices that take their creativity to another level, without sacrificing power and performance, to make every moment unique and offer next-level experiences. , which is why they have cameras that are developed to capture bright and clear images at night. The new concept of Nightography that these devices include allows you to obtain night videos and photos regardless of light conditions.

One of the features that make this series stand out is that for the first time an S-series device inherits the Note legacy, with the characteristic S Pen that is included in the body of the S22 Ultra, and its design that differentiates it from its serial brothers. In addition, they have the smallest processor that the brand has used with 4nm, and the largest RAM and internal memory capacities of Galaxy devices.

Of all the members of the Galaxy S family, which has been your favorite? did you have or do you have any of them? Let us know in the comments.

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