See season 3 is coming this 2022 and you don’t want to miss it

See season 3 is coming this 2022 and you don’t want to miss it

The whole world fell in love with Jason Momoa when he became known as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones. Although we have been able to see him playing other characters such as Aquamanwill also be remembered for another role on the small screen.

We talked about your participation in seeone of Apple’s original series that premiered with the arrival of Apple TV+, the online content platform streaming of the apple company. The first two seasons have been a great success.

Momoa is the protagonist of the production, which also has the actress Alfre Woodard in the cast, probably better known for her role as Betty Applewhite in Desperate women. also came out in 12 years a slave.

Do not miss more information about the third season of see on AppleTV+. In this article we explain when all its chapters can be seen, what other actors and actresses complete the cast and what its argument is.

When does See season 3 premiere?

One of the most popular series on Apple TV+ it is see, starring Jason Momoa. It is not surprising, then, that even before the second season was released, there was already confirmation of the renewal for a third installment.

The filming of the third season began in May 2021 and ended in November of that same year. That means that the third season has already started the post-production phase, the last one before it reaches our homes.

Although the exact date of its premiere has not yet been confirmed, we know that the third season of see this will be issued 2022 and that it will consist of a total of 8 episodes like the first two seasons.

How to watch See on Apple TV+

How to watch See in the Apple TV app

While the third season is not released, it is already possible to watch the first 16 episodes (8 per season) on Apple TV +, a platform available at more than 100 countries, including Spain.

If you are going to want to enjoy the platform from another country where it is not, we recommend using a VPN network such as NordVPN to connect to a Spanish IP address.

In addition to being in a country where it is available, you must ensure that your device is compatible with the apple tv app. In this sense, you must have an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, Mac or compatible smart TV.

Once you have made sure that this is the case, you should subscribe to Apple TV+. You can enjoy a free week with the trial period. Then, you can cancel it if you are not convinced or start paying the fee of €4.99 per month.

Those who buy a new iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV or Mac will be lucky enough to have one year of free subscription to Apple TV + (three months from July 2021), but they will have to pay the 4.99 € per month once those first 12 months are completed.

How to watch See on Windows or Android

If you don’t have an Apple device, the good news is that you should also be able to enjoy its series and movies on streaming by means of the Apple TV+ website. So you can see see from a Windows computer or an Android mobile.

Logically, you will not get rid of paying the monthly subscription to the platform, that is, €4.99 per month. At least you will have a choice when it comes to playing the content from one browser or another, since it is compatible with Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox.

How to watch See for free

We have already said that if you get a new Apple device, you will be able to watch Apple TV+ content for free for the first 3 months. But it is true that it does not pay to buy a new iPhone or Mac just to avoid having to pay the monthly fee.

This is why we recommend you subscribe to Apple TV + and enjoy the Free trial One week. If you want to be able to enjoy all the chapters of seewe suggest you wait to do it when they are all uploaded, that is, in December.

Cast and plot of See (third season)

This drama written by Steven Knight, creator and screenwriter also of Peaky Blinders, stars Jason Momoa, who plays Baba Voss. Another notable name is that of Alfre Woodard, in the role of Paris.

The cast is completed by Sylvia Hoeks (Queen Kane), Hera Hilmar (Maghra), Archie Madekwe (Kofun), Nesta Cooper (Haniwa), Yadira Guevara-Prip (Bow Lion) and Mojean Aria (Gether Bax).

The plot of the third season is unknown seebut considering how the second season ended, we can speculate about what is to come.

It is conceivable that everything that is going to happen in the new chapters goes against Queen Kane and her desire to get more power.

On the other hand, Baba Voss will continue to pursue his desire to keep the family together and to preserve his honor.

See season 3 trailers

We do not yet have any trailer for the third season of seebut for now you will have to settle for the trailer of the second: