Tesla is preparing to unveil a fully functional human-sized robot called ‘Optimus’ in September this year.

When it comes to humanoid robots, we assume that Japanese scientists and Japan-based technology companies are at the forefront. Well American companies as Boston Dynamics and Tesla, I would like to differ. At the inaugural Tesla AI Day in 2021, Elon Musk announced that Tesla was working on a functional human-sized robot. Well, in September 2022, it looks like Tesla will introduce its first working prototype robot, aptly named Optimus.

Elon Musk, in a tweet, revealed that this year’s Tesla AI day needs to be postponed until September 30, because that’s how long they’ll need to complete the prototype robot, Optimus. Musk and his team of engineers at Tesla believe that Optimus has the potential to outperform its electric vehicle business. Tesla’s bot Optimus will measure an average human height of F’8” and have some physical features that closely mimic those of humans. Tesla’s humanoid is supposed to take over mundane human tasks, freeing up more time for humans to engage in a variety of creative and scientific endeavors. It will be interesting to see how this would fare in the real world. Anatomically speaking, Tesla’s humanoid has the exact shape of a human being. Anthropologists around the world agree that the human form is not necessarily the most intelligent design when it comes to the most physically demanding tasks we have to do. This is why you will see that most functional robots rarely resemble modern human beings. It will be interesting to see how Tesla implements its humanoid robots and what applications its robots will be used for.Tesla is preparing to unveil a fully functional human-sized robot called 'Optimus' in September this year.Keep in mind that lately Elon Musk has been missing many of the deadlines he had set for himself. According to Musk, spacex It was supposed to have landed on Mars by now, and Tesla’s robot taxis would have taken over most American cities. Having said that, the technocrat has been hard at work. He is collaborating with NASA for their commercial crew transport, one of his dream projects, Starlink, is up and running in most parts of the world, and Starship is a work in progress. Furthermore, the Dragon spacecraft is the de facto cargo delivery partner for the International Space Station (ISS) as of now. Knowing Elon Musk and his tendency to pull a rabbit out of nowhere at the most crucial moments, it’s entirely possible we could see Tesla’s first humanoid robots this September. What remains to be seen is how practical and functional these robots will be. Via: FirstPost