The 5 best letter converters

Would you like to give a different, fun and exciting touch to your texts? You need a letter converterthe ideal tool to transform boring fonts from social networks or applications, into powerful and eye-catching texts.

In an age of platforms and networks, where people write practically every second, a message is lost among the rest if it doesn’t make a difference.

It’s not your fault. The number of users who browse the Internet and mobile applications is overwhelming. To stand out, we must use external tools that change the traditional formula, such as font and typeface converters.

Whether you are looking for a font converter to write on social networks, or you would like to customize your text messages on WhatsApp, this post on fonts 5 best letter converters It will be very useful to you.

What is a letter converter?

Before recommending best sites to modify lyricsLet’s first learn what these programs are, what they do, and why they are so popular.

Font converters are tools that transform run-of-the-mill fonts into fun, quirky, eye-catching, custom, and stylish typefaces.

A letter converter has various fonts to choose the one you like best. They have many styles, some better known than others. The most common are the Asian typefaces, those of tattoos recommended to design your next tattoo and those that include colors, special characters and old letters.

These tools have gained popularity over the years. Thanks to social networks, their use proliferated, although they were already used in chat platforms to meet people, in Messenger to personalize the nickname and status, and in the first social networks that emerged on the Internet, such as MySpace and Hi5, only that people had a negative idea of ​​them.

The operation of the letter converters is simple. You write the text, select the font and it automatically transforms the letters.

To add a magical touch to social media posts or text messages, just copy and paste the letters in the description, in the message bubble or in the comments of a video.

The 5 best letter converters

1-Letter Converter

If you are looking for the best internet font converter, you found it. This tool houses unique and different sources, which few platforms have, and that is worth millions for your interests. is a copy and paste program. It has no science. It works for absolutely all platforms and social networks, without exception. Give color to your publications in seconds.

It has default and common fonts, such as bold, uppercase, underline and italic, and more interesting and eye-catching ones, such as web scripts, old paper English letters, decorative fonts and art fonts, to add a sophisticated and ostentatious touch to your texts. In Internet.

The ease with which this tool turns a boring text, devoid of emotions and life, into a funny, nice and funny text, it’s stupid. Especially if we remember that it is free.

2-Lyrics Converter Pro

Transform your social media texts and messages into weird, gothic, strange and eye-catching posts right now with Letter Converter Pro.

Thanks to, you will leave aside the predetermined fonts for fonts that have an impact.

Generate elegant, stylish texts that mark your personality. It helps you express your emotions and adapt the messages to your way of being, which is surely more fun and attractive.

Give a distinctive touch to your texts with this online letter converter. Are you a Community Manager? You want your posts to receive more likes and comments than those of your friends? Would you like your WhatsApp status and name to be personalized? This is the tool you need.

It is a practical program, compatible with any platform and easy to use. It’s copy and paste.

3-Letters and fonts

On this platform you will find fonts and typographies to transform your texts without difficulty. It is a good alternative to those mentioned. A tool to generate fun and elegant texts effortlessly.

Their library of fonts is fantastic, different from the ones you find in generic converters, which seem to have worn off and don’t impress users.

There are all kinds, from tattoo fonts, italics, with details and special characters, typefaces with ornaments and symbols for posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok descriptions and even Only Fans.

One of the most striking aspects of this converter is that it transforms texts into Unicode, a character set for computer processing, and binary code.

Excellent idea to communicate with your friends without being discovered or messages on 010101 that few will understand and go to ask you.

Is a extremely easy to use tool. You just paste the text into the converter, choose the desired font such as italic or Unicode, press convert and copy the message to place and display it where you want it.

This program is for create exclusive, eye-catching, different and amazing designs. Forget boring texts. It’s time to give your messages a fun touch.

4-Pilapp letter converter

Do not complicate yourself by copying letter by letter to create outstanding texts with special fonts. You waste time unnecessarily. Better use this letter converter, like Pilapp’s, to transform soporific messages into amazing texts.

What differentiates this tool from the previous ones is that it focuses on colors and details. It guarantees that your messages acquire an attractive and distinctive touch to those that pass without pain or glory, daily, on the Internet.

It is compatible with any mobile device and computer. Also with social networks, especially Instagram, which is where exclusive sources stand out the most.

Pilapp works in real time. You paste the text, choose the font and give it transform. Clever. You remove that message, paste another one and it does the same with an immediate result.


Fuenty is the quintessential converter for writing beautiful messages. Hide the most beautiful fonts to paste on social networks. It is compatible with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tick Tock. Copy, paste and convert. That easy.

The sources of this platform They will help you better express your ideas and emotions. Write posts that strike a chord with your followers. Add symbols, special characters, colorful letters and transform your texts into something memorable, that attracts people’s attention, leaves no one indifferent and shouts ‘look at me’ on social networks.

However, Fuentety has limitations. It does not support the ” and texts longer than 2 lines.

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