The best Beats headphones of 2022

Since the Beats company was acquired by Apple back in 2014, the brand specializing in sound solutions has grown surprisingly strong. It is enough to go through an airport or see how sports stars isolate themselves on their trips with one of the various models that the brand has.

Whether they are worn in the ear or hung around the neck, the brand has maintained a very complete portfolio of all kinds of products with which you can listen to music and answer calls in your day-to-day life, with great autonomy of use.

And it is that although the Beats headphones work with any device that supports Bluetooth connections, they seem to sound better when combined with your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac computer. Also the application developed for iOS offers an amazing potential and level of customization. .

This is because the new generation implements the W1 chip that is also present in Apple AirPods, which facilitates the connection between devices and guarantees an improved user experience with the ecosystem of Apple products and its operating systems iOS, iPadOS and macOS.

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The best Beats headphones of 2022


Beats Flex – The best in terms of quality and price


  • Pros: Light and reliable | Price
  • Cons: low availability

Despite the low price, the Flex is a small and elegant product, with the possibility of interchanging the tips that are included, with four different sizes, so that you can fit them the best possible to your ears.

The headphones weigh just 18.6 grams, so you’ll hardly notice them when you’re out and about. The neckband is made from a tough material called Nitinol, and the two earbuds attach magnetically when you hang them around your neck.

Apple seems to have thought of all those new iPhone buyers who will need to use some type of headphones, already wireless, by completely dispensing with the physical connection.

You will find that the Beats Flex offer a solid and balanced performance in different ways of use that they can make of them, be it conversations in calls or to listen to music or watch content in streaming.

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Beats Studio 3 Wireless – The best in quality

Beats Studio 3 Wireless

  • Pros: Design and finishes | Comfortable for hours of use | sound quality
  • Cons: High price |

The Studio 3 wireless headphones are the most complete of the brand, something that is confirmed by the purchase price they present. They have a Pure ANC adaptive noise cancellation function, as well as an Apple W1 chip inside.

They come in a headband-type format, comfortable to use during long working days or commuting times. Its design is comfortable, light and resistant, with the incentive of moving freely.

You can use the Studio 3 to answer calls, control playback and volume, as well as activate and interact with Siri with the multifunctional controls on the headphones. Thanks to its Fast Fuel technology, it is possible to use them for 3 hours with a charge of just 10 minutes.

Despite this, the estimated autonomy amounts to 22 hours with Pure ANC activated and double if you choose to deactivate noise cancellation. You have them available in different shades such as matte black, blue, white, gray, red, black, or a combination of these.


BeatsX – The cheapest option


  • Pros: Neck design | Anti-tangle cable
  • Cons: No noise cancellation

If you are looking for a quality pair of wireless headphones that are compact and discreet, the BeatsX can offer you what you are looking for. With a wide variety of earhooks as well as eartip sizes, you’ll be able to find the configuration that best suits your ears.

The earphones have a magnetic plug, which means that when you take them off or wear them around your neck, they will stay together without getting tangled. This modality of being able to wear them around the neck has caught on among users so as not to lose them and use them at any moment.

Along with the BeatsX you will find in the packaging a USB adapter cable that will allow you to charge the headphones using any port on your computer, with the typical Lightning port on the other end of the headphones.

The estimated average autonomy is 8 hours, but with Fast Fuel you can use them for 2 hours with just 5 minutes of charging. You also have RemoteTalk and the integrated microphone to answer calls or control the playback of your music.


Beats EP – Best for use in different environments

Beats EP

  • Pros: Good acoustic response |
  • Cons: Wired Solution | Compatibility with new iPhones

The Beats EP are another headband-type model that offer a good acoustic response despite having a more affordable price compared to more affordable solutions. premium Of the brand.

Its design without battery and with wired connection, is designed to guarantee good operation over time. Now, you should know that the connection used is of type mini jack 3.5 mm, so to use them with the new iPhone you will need the typical Lightning adapter (not included).

Definitely, Beats EPs are affordable and do a good job. It will be enough to plug them in to have a good sound quality, which makes them a good option if it is a gift for the smallest of the house.


Beats urBeats3 – A cheap but wired option

Beats urBeats3

  • Pros: Lightning connector for compatible models
  • Cons: Price for the generation that are | No wireless connectivity

The urBeats3 resemble quite similar to the previously mentioned Beats X, with the key difference that it is a button headphone that does not work with Bluetooth connectivity, since it is based on the physical connection by cable.

This difference in technology allows you to save €30 (the price difference between one wireless model and another). Apple offers both a version with a Lightning connector, and another with the traditional audio connector for use with previous generation devices.

You have RemoteTalk to control what you play and answer calls, but you must be willing to do without extras such as the noise cancellation system, something that always comes in handy when it comes to disconnecting on public transport.


Beats Solo 3 Wireless – The most versatile for use with Mac computers

Beats Solo3 Wireless

  • Pros: Reduced price | Sound quality | multipurpose
  • Cons: Difficulty in the purchase

Despite being a headband format headphone model, the manufacturer gives it some mobility by being able to fold them for easy transport, or store them in a compact case that is included as standard.

They are wireless, which does not prevent you from using them with the universal USB-A to USB Micro B charging cable that is included, as well as with the RemoteTalk cable to be able to manage the most basic audio controls associated with calls and audio from your headphones. reproduction.

For practical purposes, we liked the LED battery charge status indicator with 5 different levels so you don’t run out of power at the most unexpected moment.

In general terms, the range of the Beats Solo 3 Wireless it behaved quite well with no signal dropouts or unwanted noise when you move slightly away from the audio source. Calls are heard well and you can use the traditional cable for use if you run out of battery.


Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless – The best for sports

Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats3 Wireless

  • Pros: Attachment to the ears | Autonomy of use
  • Cons: Very high price

The Powerbeats 3 Wireless are the ideal companions for those users who regularly practice sports. Due to their flexible hook design, they fit perfectly in the ear without moving even if you go for a run or do sports in the gym.

They also incorporate the Apple W1 chip to facilitate synchronization with your devices and guarantee instant use of them. They offer 12 hours of autonomy and you can switch between your Apple devices without any action.

Ultimately, the Powerbeats 3 Wireless They can be a bit expensive compared to other brand options, but they offer resistance to water and sweat with a dynamic sound quality that is above average in this type of format.

Different models of Beats headphones

In general, you can find three types of headphones, all of them included under the Beats brand. are the headphones in ear which are the evolution of the button ones, the modality ones over ear or intraural ones that cover the ear, and finally headband ones that, depending on their quality, can have prices of €200 or more.

For this article, we wanted to focus on the most popular Beats models. premium, since after all, the best ones are the ones that arouse the most interest. Despite its price, you should know that you will get excellent sound quality, fit and connectivity with any device and equipment.

Do I need wireless Beats headphones?

Without a doubt, it is something that will depend on your budget and what you are willing to spend. There are cheaper options on the market, but if you want some of the best audio quality, combined with design, the Beats are an excellent option.

Most of the brand’s models are wireless, now that the iPhone dispensed with the connectors mini jack. At this point, appreciate the fact that many of those mentioned include an additional cable to be able to use them if you run out of battery.

The urBeats3 are cable and for this they have a traditional connector and another Lightning type, depending on the model you choose. Also value the noise cancellation function that most already offer to be able to use them on a plane or in noisy environments.

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