The best controls for Apple Arcade of 2022

Both the iPhone and the iPad are iOS devices that already have years of development behind them and generations that have led them to become authentic devices that guarantee entertainment, beyond other essential functions for which they were conceived.

With the launch of the Apple Arcade gaming platform a few years ago, gaming on your iPhone takes on a new dimension, as does Apple TV if you want to take advantage of large-screen graphics display or Smart TV through remote viewing. 4K quality.

This has allowed Apple to enter fully to compete with other gaming platforms in streaming of first level such as Sony PlayStation Now, Xbox Pass or Nintendo Switch Online. In addition, you can already find titles of great impact.

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There are many titles that completely improve the gaming experience when using a physical controller or controller, especially when playing against your rivals. MFi Drivers (Made For iPhone) are certified to be compatible with Apple mobile devices.

However, since the release of the iOS 13 version, everything has changed. Though all MFi accessories continue to work on iPhone and iPad, Apple opened the doors to other brands and manufacturers to allow users to connect and use a large number of standard controllers with Bluetooth.

Of course, not all games offer controller support (you’ll have to check the list of individual games to make sure), but the most popular multiplayer games, including Fortnite, PUBG Y Call of Duty Mobilesupport controller.

With iPhone and iPad gaming reaching new levels of playability, we thought now’s a good time to round up the best iOS controllers (and other great gaming accessories for your iPhone and iPad) that will transform your gaming experience.

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The best controllers for Apple Arcade

HyperX ChargePlay Clutch Mobile

HyperX ChargePlay Clutch

  • pros
    • Remote control with battery
    • Increase autonomy
    • Material in finishes
  • Cons
    • controller size
    • wireless charging speed

The controller proposed by HyperX called ChargePlay Clutch Mobile, is designed to be able to hug your mobile and play as if it were a regular console controller, with a high-grip textured handle and extra battery for your mobile.

The HyperX Charge Play It adapts to a wide variety of mobile models whose screen measurements can vary between 5.1 and 6.75 inches. In this way, with an extender, the mobile is placed in landscape format and its entire screen is fully visible.

In the lower part, the controller has a removable battery that attaches magnetically and allows you to charge your mobile’s battery wirelessly, compatible with the Qi technology of Apple iPhones, among others.

The battery capacity is 3000 mAh and 11.1 Wh, so it can give your mobile an extra time of up to 6 hours to continue playing non-stop wherever you go or move, and without having to use cables in the middle.

xbox wireless controller

  • pros
    • universal remote
    • standard push buttons
  • Cons
    • Not compatible with iOS devices

With the release of iOS 13, iPhone and iPad users can now use the Xbox One controller to play iOS games – great news for all Xbox gamers, as long as you have one of the newer controllers. which are the ones that have been made compatible.

In fact, these are the Bluetooth-enabled models and not the original Xbox One controller that came out in 2013. The latter, unfortunately, uses Microsoft’s own connection method and is not compatible with Apple iOS devices.

The Xbox One Controller it’s a phenomenal kit with an asymmetrical design that’s what a lot of gamers like, even some who regularly opt for other platforms like the PS4. It offers full access to all buttons and triggers, but you probably won’t find a use for the platform-specific buttons.

It’s also worth noting that the Xbox One controller is also compatible with most PC games, a double win for PC and iOS gamers. And, quite practically, you can also use it as an accessory to connect to your smartphone.

PlayStation DualShock 4

  • pros
    • Touch panel operation
    • Original symmetrical design
  • Cons
    • Compatibility with iOS devices

Of course, we couldn’t mention the Xbox One controller without also talking about Sony’s PS4 equivalent, the DualShock 4. The DualShock 4 controller is the ideal choice if you’re already used to Sony’s symmetrical analog design.

And there are many fans of this controller with a streamlined form factor compared to the thick body of Microsoft’s Xbox One controller. You’ll find access to the same buttons and triggers as most other controllers on the market.

Along with PS, Share buttons, and PlayStation-specific buttons, you also have the touchpad enabled as well, though chances are you won’t get to use it, especially outside of the PS platform.

When it comes to the PS4 and Xbox One controllers, we find that it’s a matter of preference, as thanks to the universal MFI controller, they both work as well as you’d expect, and both cost a very similar price.

Game Sir G6s

  • pros
    • Support vibration for games
    • cheap price
  • Cons
    • Button panel on one side
    • Poor iOS game compatibility

The GameSir G6s is among the best new-generation controllers that we’ve tested from those focused on the world of smartphones, which combine touch buttons and analog controls to be able to use them simultaneously on both platforms.

That explains why the G6s only features front buttons and an analog stick on one side of the touch roller: the right side of the screen remains relatively free, with the exception of a rear trigger, which will allow you to move better.

In fact, with titles like Call of Duty: Mobile it will be possible to use both analog sticks and triggers while using touch input for precise control, such as aiming your weapon. There is also vibration support for specific games, enhancing the immersive experience.

The best part about the G6 is that games don’t have to offer controller support for them to work. Using an add-on app, it’s possible to search for the game you want to play, upload the button mappings to the controller, and then enter the game. It’s that simple.

You won’t find support for all iOS games, but it has an impressive list, and the good news is that you can create and share your own custom game map button maps with other users.

Rotor Riot Game Controller

Rotor Riot Wired Controller

  • pros
    • Analog keypad
    • resistant finishes
  • Cons
    • Support Stability
    • Very short connection cable

Relying on a wired connection may be a dislike for many (the controller connects to your iOS device via a built-in Lightning cable), but this approach offers many other benefits to the Rotor Riot controller.

The main one will be that the connection is extremely reliable and you will not have to worry about the battery life of another device, which will usually leave you stranded on some transatlantic flight or at the most inopportune moment of your departure.

An optional clip lets you attach an iPhone (or other smartphone, if connected to the USB-C version) to the top of the controller. When used this way, the cable becomes less of an issue, as you’re tethered to a screen that you carry with you anyway, and free to roam anywhere.

Note the fact that the clip fits phones with landscape orientation only. The keypad and analog sticks are tactile as well as robust, and the latter are clickable for L3/R3 functionality.

Overall, it’s a great all-in-one option if you don’t already have a controller at home.

SteelSeries Nimbus

  • pros
    • Triggers and LEDs
    • Apple MFI Compatibility
    • Manageability
  • Cons
    • Rechargeable battery capacity

The Nimbus wireless controller will allow you to play games on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple TV mobile for more than 40 hours of use before having to be recharged again, also using the Lightning connector to charge its battery .

It has a pressure-sensitive button panel to guarantee more precise control, with analog triggers similar to those of a more traditional console controller. Other 4 LEDs show the status of each player when playing multiple people.

The overall design of this controller appears to be a mix of Xbox One and PS4. It has the usual set of joystickpressure-sensitive buttons, triggers, and LEDs, plus center buttons for navigation.

SteelSeries also offers the Stratus, but the Nimbus is larger and has a more traditional controller shape, which should provide a more comfortable gaming experience overall, especially for those with larger hands.

It’s part of Apple’s MFI program, so the controller automatically works with any compatible game on the App Store, including the version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

It also has another benefit: it’s been designed with Apple TV in mind, so it can double as your home controller. If you want to take full advantage of this feature, take a look at our overview of the best Apps for Apple TV.

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