The best keyboards for the iPad Pro of 2022

The iPad Pro is probably the best convertible device that you can use as tablets or portable depending on the handling you need from it. If you also have the largest screen model of 12.9 inches, your work area is frankly surprising.

No one doubts the potential of the iPad Pro as a production and content generation tool. However, if you really want to use the tablets Like a laptop, you will need to purchase a physical keyboard that allows you to use the device as if it were a MacBook, with the added bonus of a touch screen.

If you really want to generate content and handle it like an ultralight laptop, you’re going to need a physical keyboard to accompany your iPad Pro on the go, which can also double as a protective case for the iPad’s large Retina display. .

We show you here the best keyboards for tablets that we have found in the market compatible with the new iPad Pro. Some even work with the previous version of iPad Pro 9.7-inch and others tabletsincluding clip-on holster and the wireless ones.

If your iPad model is different, you can consult the article on the best keyboards for iPad. Now that the iPad OS 15 operating system is a reality, this type of accessory will allow you to complete any task or search for information and organize it more precisely.

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Best iPad Pro Keyboards of 2022

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio 12.9”

Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9"

  • Pros: Acts as a protective cover | Two viewing angles
  • Cons: No touchpad zone; Price of the product

There are countless models and brands, but if you want to opt for one of the best on the market that also protects the screen so it doesn’t get damaged when you move, the original Smart Keyboard Folio from Apple itself is a great choice.

It is certainly not cheap, reaching double the price of keyboards from other brands, but it fits perfectly to each iPad Pro, either the 12.9-inch model either that of the 11-inch iPad Pro at a slightly lower price.

It is designed in polyurethane and is resistant to liquid spillage. If we talk about ergonomics, its keys have the same system as those of the recent MacBook with keyboard shortcuts for different actions that you can usually handle.

Let’s not forget its other great function as a stand, allowing you to adopt various positions when you work with the iPad Pro, whether you are typing with its keys, or viewing video.

Aided by its Smart Connector, you can forget about its battery life or Bluetooth connection, since everything is handled through this dedicated port. You have to be willing to pay a high price, but if you can afford it, it is the best option.

Logitech Slim Combo for 10.5in iPad Pro

  • Pros: Rubber finishes to protect from falls | Apple Pencil support
  • Cons: Confusing keys | No touch pad area

Although at a glance the option Logitech Slim Combo It may not be as elegant as the Apple option, it is guaranteed unmatched functionality and protection if what prevails in your purchase is to guarantee protection above all else.

It attaches so that the iPad Pro fits into the hard case, leaving the connectors and ports on the tablet itself free. It also includes a support foot to be able to recline the tabletswith a variety of angles and a holder for the Apple Pencil.

The keyboard component can be connected via the Smart Connector, which means you don’t have to worry about battery life or Bluetooth wireless connection.

Among its keys, which are comfortable to handle, we find some with specific functions of the iPad Pro to control aspects such as music playback, volume, brightness or to launch searches from the home screen.

Its keys offer backlighting. Posts to improve, we would only ask that the design has a little more style, especially when the team is closed.

Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9'

  • Pros: The best user experience | Very light | Colors in finishes
  • Cons: High price | premium finishes

The original Apple Magic Keyboard is a safe bet if you are looking for the best complement for your iPad Pro, with the possibility of even managing the touchpad area as if it were a laptop.

Another advantage it offers is that it can act as a perfect cover for the iPad to protect its screen when moving, adapting to its dimensions as if it were a glove that does not increase the thickness of the tablet itself.

The new version of Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro features a rechargeable battery that Apple says can last up to a month of use between charges. You will not have any problem about it, because when using Apple’s Smart Connector it uses the power of the iPad Pro.

check from time to time offers on-line Well, it may be the case that you find it at a much lower price than usual, although make sure you want it in the language indicated in the offer.

Brydge 12.9 Series II

  • Pros: Backlit keys | resistant structure
  • Cons: Increase the size of the ipad Pro | Micro-USB port

The second generation of Brydge’s keyboard developed for iPad Pro has won everything. Its aluminum structure is much more resistant and allows you to turn the iPad Pro into a real laptop.

This new edition offers backlit keys to facilitate its use and you can find it in silver, space gray or gold finishes in order to correspond to the finishes of the latest iPad Pro.

Its fixing system is based on offering two hinges to hold the iPad with rubber bands in the corners so that the glass does not come into contact with the metal. You can tilt the iPad Pro screen up to 180 degrees for optimal viewing angles.

It is charged through a microUSB port, but Brydge points out that a single charge will be enough to overcome 4 months of intense use. It connects through Bluetooth technology and not through the iPad Pro’s Smart Connector.

Against the Brydge it is worth noting that with 710 grams of weight, you will considerably increase the set of iPad Pro and keyboard, in addition to also increasing the total volume of the tablets.

Logitech Slim Folio iPad Keyboard Case

  • Pros: Economic | High level of screen protection
  • Cons: Bluetooth connectivity | No Apple Smart Connector

Another of the alternatives offered by the Logitech firm’s Slim Folio keyboard is the keyboard called Slim Folio, a model designed for iPads with a 9.7-inch screen size.

Logitech has been the go-to alternative to official Apple keyboards for several years, and for good reason.

The Slim Folio streamlines this experience, with the keyboard built into a fully functional case. The keys are tactile and responsive, and offer good travel that makes it comparable to the keyboard on many laptops.

The case-like cover is also great if you want to forget about typing, offering screen viewing angles from 10 to 58 degrees depending on what you’re doing.

With the 9.7-inch iPad now compatible with Apple Pencil, there’s even a handy holder to store it so you don’t lose it. Although it is not compatible with the smart connector, you will only need to activate Bluetooth in order to use the Logitech Slim Folio.

Microsoft Foldable Keyboard

Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

  • Pros: Very compact | Compatible with iPhone and iPad
  • Cons: External device | Keyless for iPad OS

Keyboard Foldable Keyboard by microsoft It is very peculiar compared to those addressed here in this guide, since it was designed fully with the user’s mobility in mind and being able to take it anywhere with the smartphone or tablet.

To do this, it uses a small division between its keys that makes it possible for you to fold the keyboard and occupy half of it, with a fairly generous size of keys that has nothing to envy to desktop computer keyboards.

Microsoft has developed the Foldable Keyboard so that with a press of the Command key, you can switch between Windows, Mac or Android devices, if you are using it with tablets Surface, with your iPad, or with any tablets either smartphone Android.

Its rechargeable battery, through a micro USB port, guarantees use for at least three months of daily use, something that Microsoft has accustomed us to with the energy efficiency improvements applied to its wireless mice and keyboards.

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