The best smart lights compatible with HomeKit

The best smart lights compatible with HomeKit

If you are one of those who already has an LED light or smart bulb in your home, you will have verified that it is difficult to go back and that little by little you will have to invest in the rest of the lights in your house.

With this type of solution, you can illuminate a room with a certain more or less warm tone or apply an ambient color temperature.

In general, they allow you to control the brightness or shades of colors and lighting from your mobile.

After you get used to smart lights, old switches and any dimmer will feel old. However, there are different types of smart lights.

What is clear is that to get the most out of it, they must be compatible with Apple HomeKit to be able to create usage routines and synchronize them with other devices.

In fact, you may need to use different networks, applications, control hubs and ecosystems to control them. Some lighting solutions are only compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant and the respective applications from the iPhone.

But if what you really want is to be able to seamlessly integrate the system within your Home app and control them via Siri, you should pay attention to the fact that what you buy is HomeKit compatible.

This makes it easy to set up and control from your iPhone or Mac. It also allows you to integrate them into automations that control multiple devices at once based on time, location, or the actions of other devices.

In order to act as a Home Hub, you’ll need to have an Apple TV, HomePod, or iPad plugged in to communicate with your local home network. Here’s a look at the top-rated HomeKit-compatible smart light bulbs.

If what you want is to acquire a typical system, we have gathered in this ranking our list of the best lamps, light bulbs and smart lights with which to personalize your home.

The best smart lights compatible with HomeKit

Nanoleaf Essentials A19 E27 bulb – The most economical and compatible

Nanoleaf Essentials A19

  • pros
    • cheap
    • Easy installation
    • power
  • cons
    • A unit
    • limited features

The Nanoleaf Essentials is not only affordable, but also allows you to get into smart home lighting and enjoy a more connected world with a small investment.

It allows you to control the lighting in different ways, either with the Nanoleaf application, through the remote, or with voice commands handled through Siri. The adaptive lighting function of the Light bulb adjusts the color temperature throughout the day for greater comfort.

Philips Hue White Starter Kit – The easiest to install and operate

Philips Hue White And Color Ambience (2-pack)

  • pros
    • Easy to use
    • Quality and price ratio
  • cons

The lighting solutions proposed by the Philips company come in many different forms, but if what you want is simplicity, the smart lighting starter kit includes two smart white E27 bulbs together with the Philips Hue bridge to get you started.

For control it is possible to use the proprietary application of Philips Hue Available for Android and iOS. However, this lighting kit is compatible with Apple’s HomeKit system, so we can program or manage the lights of the Hue system centrally.

Once you connect your Philips Hue system lights to the Hue Bridge you will see that it is possible to incorporate various ways of managing home automation in your home. The bridge helps that if you start to automatize your house, you have a single connection to your router and all the lights or home automation devices are connected to that same bridge.

Nanoleaf Essentials strip (2 meters) – The most versatile solution

Nanoleaf Essentials Light Strip

  • pros
    • Easy installation
    • great compatibility
  • cons
    • Competition at lower price

This brand specialized in LED lighting also has LED light strips with which to illuminate large spaces such as kitchens, bedrooms or living rooms through bright strips of different distance measurements.

The light strip offers the possibility to change colors intelligently, choosing between fun and bright colors, or opting for functional white lighting that automatically adjusts to the ambient temperature.

Nanoleaf’s solution does not require an additional hub, so being fully compatible with Apple HomeKit, you can control it with your custom app, the Apple platform or through the Siri voice assistant.

The nanoleaf kit commented here is 2 meters long although you can also purchase other additional measures. Its connection is Bluetooth and in addition to controlling them with your iPhone, it also includes a remote so you can turn it on or off quickly.

Hexagonal Nanoleaf Shapes (9 Panels) – The Most Customizable System

Nanoleaf Hexagonal

  • pros
    • lighting effects
    • Personalization
  • cons
    • Fixed wall installation

If you are thinking of something more than lighting your house in different colors and you plan to customize the decoration of your smart home, the panels proposed by Nanoleaf will allow you to decorate your home with a personal touch to create different environments.

These are modular panels with LED light which you can touch to interact with them, synchronize them with music in real time or use them to reflect a screen, among other options. They mix a whole series of design, game and creation options.

The smart panel button nanoleaf It reacts to your touch in ways that let you control your lights or any HomeKit-enabled product.

LayouDetect can be used to create smart color animations based on the panel layout. Thus, the hexagonal NanoLeaf panels become a very interesting product.

Philips Hue Play bar – The most powerful lighting system

Philips Hue Play bars

  • pros
    • very manageable
    • laptops
  • cons
    • need hue bridge
    • a single charger

Unlike the classic bulbs, lights or LED strips that we have seen so far, the system Hue Play It consists of a pair of design light bars with black and/or white finishes and a power supply that allows you to connect up to three different bars.

These bars can be placed both vertically and horizontally, either on a table or on the floor to shine and produce areas of ambient light depending on where you leave them located, or even fixed to the wall.

When used in conjunction with the company’s Hue bridge, the light bars create a wide lighting effect which can be controlled by Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant voice assistants as well as Siri.

Together with the double Hue Play system, Philips It also has others such as Hue Go, Hue Bloom or Hue Iris with which to create different lighting experiences without the lack of space being a problem as they are compact and discreet solutions.

Apple HomeKit Compatible Systems

All Apple HomeKit-enabled products typically provide an indication on the product packaging or packaging that the system is compatible and works with the company’s home automation system.

There are manufacturers on the market that put different models of the same product on the market, so there is a HomeKit edition and another somewhat more basic one that is not compatible with Apple products. Obviously, the price varies and is lower.

The core of the HomeKit system is the Home app. From this centralized application you will be able to manage each and every one of the products that are compatible, as well as add new ones and create the so-called routines to facilitate their automatic activation.

If you have doubts we show you in this article how to set up your digital home with the Home app and Apple HomeKit.

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