The best USB-C hub adapters for Mac

USB-C is the new standard connection port for today’s computers, both Mac and Windows, allowing transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps, as opposed to the previous 5 Gbps rate supported by USB-A ports. .

The new Apple MacBook Pros have had this type of USB-C ports, also known as Thunderbolt, for a little over three years to connect devices, charge their batteries and guarantee greater connectivity. In this way, the entire family of current MacBook Pro and iMac adopts it as a standard.

These Thunderbolt ports stand out for their great versatility, since they can become a true connection hub. Prior to the implementation of this port, Apple included in its equipment the proprietary MagSafe charging port, another Thunderbolt, as well as the occasional traditional USB.

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USB-C is now compatible with devices that use USB-A. You just have to keep in mind that you will need an extra adapter since the USB-C input is much smaller than that of traditional USB-A.

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One of the great benefits of Thunderbolt 3 or 4 is its ability to daisy chain multiple devices and external displays using the same port. Macs in recent years have all these functions under the unified USB-C port, so it is recommended to use adapters or hub outsiders who diversify their options.

Although Apple markets adapters to expand the functionality of a single port, there are very interesting and cheaper alternatives on the market than Apple’s option, in the form of cables, chargers, hubs and seasons docking all types. Let’s see the most important.

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Best USB C Hub Adapters for Mac

Elgato Thunderbolt 3 PRO DOCK – ‘The most complete USB C dock for the Mac’

Elgato Thunderbolt 3 Pro Dock

  • pros
    • Wide variety of ports
    • Supports memory cards
  • Cons
    • Price
    • desktop add-on

If you are looking for a complete hub with all kinds of ports, the solution from the renowned manufacturer Elgato is designed for all those who demand maximum connectivity for their MacBook equipment. Truly, you will not lack for anything.

Is about the station docking Elgato Thunderbolt 3 Pro Dock that by using a single USB C port, we enable a new connection window to the Mac. Up to 2 4K quality monitors you can add to your usual MacBook screen thanks to the DisplayPort 1.2 ports.

You also have 2 USB 3.1 ports in 10 Gbps mode C, and another 2 USB 3.1 type A ports. It is the only hub of those analyzed that offers a 3.5 mm audio connector for microphone and speakers, an amplified stereo port.

There is also no lack of support for SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards with which you can make backup copies or transfer 4K videos in moments.

It is clear that the price is well above average, but the Elgato dock is a base for daily use with any Mac computer, as a desktop or laptop complement, far from thinking that it is a hub simple.

OWC Thunderbolt Dock – The Most Versatile Hub

OWC Thunderbolt Dock

  • pros
    • great compatibility
    • Charge laptops at 90W
  • Cons

The OWC Thunderbolt Dock stands out especially for the large number of different ports it can offer in a relatively compact format:

  • One USB-C (90W power)
  • Three USB-C
  • Three USB 3 type A (10 Gb/s)
  • One USB 2.0 type A
  • One SD card slot
  • Audio input and output jack
  • One gigabit Ethernet port

You will find everything you need to be able to expand the ports of your MacBook or Mac without a doubt. Added to this is exceptional speed that also allows you to connect several portable SSDs to the Thunderbolt base without affecting the transfer speed.

It is worth mentioning that you can connect a 5K, 6K or 8K screen or two 4K screens at the same time, a feature that will be appreciated by those who work with more than one screen or who need to use screens with higher qualities for their work.

And Mac users should know that this model is compatible with any Mac with a Thunderbolt 3 port running macOS 11.1 Big Sur or later.

Finally, we would like to refer to your design. It is quite heavy, although it does not matter too much since you probably do not need to transport it too much. Its rounded edges and metallic gray and black finish make it look quite elegant.

At the base there are four non-slip feet that will make the Dock stand securely on any surface. The OWC Thunderbolt Dock is currently on sale and you can have it in your home from July at no extra cost for shipping.

Moshi USB-C Multimedia – The Most Functional Hub for MacBooks

Moshi USB-C Multimedia - The Most Functional Hub for MacBooks

Moshi also has a wide selection of USB-C accessories for MacBook and MacBook Pro computers. Analyzed is one of our favorite products for its quality of construction, finishes and variety of connections offered.

You can handle two traditional USB-C ports, a boon for users of previous generations of Macs. You also get an HDMI port for additional monitor use, and an SD card slot for added convenience.

12-inch MacBook users should note that the Moshi USB-C Multimedia Adapter It does not have a USB C port, so you will not be able to use this dock while charging the laptop battery.

Kingston Nucleum – The perfect companion to take on the road

Kingston Nucleum 7-port USB-C Adapter

  • pros
    • It has 7 different ports
    • 60W power
  • Cons
    • Very short integrated cable
    • No Ethernet network port

The approach of Kingston with its hub nucleus is to offer a single accessory to which you can connect up to a total of 7 devices simultaneously, without the transfer speed or performance being affected by the use of one or the other.

With Nucleum, you can power your MacBook’s battery while plugging in a USB flash drive or charging your iPhone. Its size is compact, similar to the rest, and its integrated cable allows you not to leave it forgotten anywhere.

As a differentiating element, the Kingston Nucleum It offers a card slot reader, both microSD type and SD size, something that professional users of photographic cameras will appreciate positively. Also use the 4K HDMI port to connect a display or projector.

VAVA USB 8 in 1 – The cheapest with 4K HDMI support

VAVA USB C Hub 8-in-1 Adapter with 4K HDMI

  • pros
    • Includes Ethernet port
    • Compact size
  • Cons
    • Few USB C ports and many USB A

The VAVA USB-C 8-in-1 Multiport Adapter, as its name suggests, has an Ethernet port, a USB-C charging port, another 4K quality HDMI port and an SD card reader. You can also use TransFlash (TF) reader and three USB 3.0 ports.

In case you want to use the RJ45 Ethernet connectivity, this is located under a cover in order to reduce the size and thickness of the hub hub.

Definitely, the VAVA USB-C Hub It has all the features you’d ask for in a USB-C hub, plus it’s small and light enough to slip into your travel bag. Its space gray finish resembles that of MacBooks.

Satechi slim USB C adapter – With additional HDMI video output

Satechi USB-C Multi-Port Hub Adapter

  • pros
    • Extremely compact and lightweight
    • Support 4K video
  • Cons
    • Only charges battery at 60 W

As with the Moshi USB C multimedia adapter, the Satechi brand has brushed aluminum finishes very much in line with the current family of MacBook and MacBook Pro equipment.

It offers 2 USB 3.0 ports and 4K quality HDMI output. It doesn’t have a memory card reader, but it does include a pass-through USB-C port, so you don’t have to sacrifice the port on your laptop. It’s something that 12-inch MacBook users will appreciate.

The Satechi Adapter you can find it with different finishes and shades (gold, pink, gray and silver), with an acceptable distance between the ports so that the connections do not accumulate or they can hinder the connection of USB keys or flash drive.

What should I keep in mind when buying a USB C adapter?

USB-C is a new USB standard that allows transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps, as opposed to the current 5 Gbps speed available with previous USB 3.0, while also offering faster charging times.

In fact, USB-C handles data transfer, video output, and power input. In this way, you will find Type C on the 12-inch MacBook and a faster variant (called Thunderbolt 3) on the MacBook Pro (13-inch, 15-inch, 16-inch), newer (post-2018 models) of the MacBook Air, the iMac (after 2017) and Mac mini (2018 and later).

Thunderbolt 3 Macs can use USB-C accessories, but they may lose some of their extra bandwidth: T3’s 40 Gbps significantly exceeds the USB-C port’s 5-10 Gbps.

Like Apple’s Lightning connector, USB-C doesn’t have to plug in a certain orientation, which means you can say goodbye to the old USB guessing game of which way should I plug it in?

Few people own a full range of USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 gear, so you’re probably one of those who needs a USB-C hub to add different ports to your Mac.

Here we have tested and reviewed the most premium USB-C hubs and adapters. There are many versions, perhaps much cheaper, but we recommend the ones tested here for their quality and solidity.

Keep in mind that most of the products tested here also work with non-Apple USB-C computers and laptops, so many of them will also work with off-the-shelf Windows or Chromebook computers.

Note: We may receive a small commission for each purchase made through links on our site, but this is at no extra cost to you. This does not affect our editorial independence either. More information.