The new Motorola Edge 30 pro arrives in Colombia, will it live up to its predecessor?

Motorola Edge 30pro

We recently had the opportunity to test the Motorola Edge 20 pro and we must admit that it left us tremendously surprised for the better, that phone was undoubtedly the best that the brand presented to us last year. Now without giving us much time to digest it, the successor has arrived in the countryit is the new Motorola Edge 30 pro, will it live up to its younger brother?

The new Edge 30 pro has a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, that is, the most powerful this year, and a somewhat different camera system than the Edge 20 pro, since that model had a 108MP main camera and an 8MP periscopic camera that allowed 5x optical zoom, while this brings a 50MP main camera and repowered the ultrawide camera to make it as powerful as the 50MP main cameraa bet also very interesting that you have to try.

For its part, the selfie camera improved, going from 32MP in the previous model to 60MP, with which it allows taking images with Quad Pixel technology, four pixels will be combined into one for 4 times higher sensitivity. This technology is also available in the rear lenses for photos in low light conditions.

Motorola Edge 30pro

Leveraging the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 for gaming experiences

Motorola is taking advantage of the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 mobile platform, Qualcomm’s most advanced to date, to make the Edge 30 pro a phone for gamers, while implement the Snapdragon Elite Gaming features, with which users will get smooth responsiveness thanks to 144Hz refresh rate OLED display, colorful HDR scenes for realistic graphics. Compared to his younger brother, the Edge 30 pro offers 30% more power and 25% more efficiency with the GPU Qualcomm Adreno 730, which was redesigned for a new generation of games.

In terms of connectivity, the motorola edge 30 pro can connect to 5G networks with ultra-fast speeds, yes, depending on the availability of the operator, thanks to the Snapdragon X65 system. And to take full advantage of the 6 GHz Wi-Fi spectrum, the device connects at even faster Gigabit speeds using the new generation of Wi-Fi 6E protocol (note that your Wi-Fi router must also support this technology) .

Motorola Edge 30pro

Regarding battery, the motorola edge 30 pro offers 4800mAh, something slightly higher than its younger brother, but two major improvements, the first of which is the 68W TurboPower charger and the second is that this is one of the first motorola that supports 15W wireless charging. Plus, for added convenience, the new Motorola Edge 30 Pro can share power with other devices through wireless power sharing.

Turn your phone into a laptop with the Ready For system

The latest addition to the Motorola Edge family features Ready For, which amplifies everything the phone can do, making it ideal for today’s hybrid world. Ready For brings a whole new look to the platform and can be simply connected wired or wireless. It will also be possible to transfer games from the phone to the big screen for a great feeling of adrenaline.

Motorola Edge 30pro

Motorola also announced that they made some updates to Ready For PC. The new wizard works on both Windows 10 and Windows 11, making it easier for you to connect and select your experience. From accessing two operating systems on one screen to transferring files between connected devices, you’ll be able to take multitasking to the next level.

Thanks to Motorola’s ongoing commitment to providing the purest version of Android, the new motorola edge 30 pro is ideal for lovers of this operating system. The device runs on a pure version of Android 12 no extra software components or duplicate applications. The only customization touch that the brand adds is the My UX interface with which, among other things, it is possible to control some actions with simple gestures, customize entertainment settings and create a personalized look.

Availability and price of the motorola Edge 30 pro

The motorola edge 30 pro is available through the country’s main retailers and the brand’s official website from $3,999,900, in color cosmic green and with a 2-year factory warranty. It can also be obtained through the main operators in the coming weeks. As part of the launch, motorola verbe vuds 085 headphones will be given away as a gift.

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