The sleeve, case or bag your MacBook Pro needs

It doesn’t matter what model of MacBook Pro you have. If you want it to last for many years, you will have to take care of it with any type of protection. On the one hand, you will need install an antivirus to stop the possible entry of malware.

But on the other hand, you will need to take care of it externally with one of these MacBook Pro sleeves, cases and bags. They will not only protect your Apple laptop from scratches and bumps, but also protect the internal components.

Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro – Best Sleeve from Apple

Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro

It’s easy to turn to Apple itself to protect one of its products. In the case of the MacBook Pro, we especially opted for this Leather case Available in three colours: black, midnight blue and caramel brown.

In it you can safely store your macbook pro without fear of it coming out of the case. The interior is covered with a microfiber lining that will prevent your laptop from scratching. Of course, you will have to be willing to pay a price very much in line with Apple.

Harber London Holster – The Most Stylish Holster

Harber London Sleeve for MacBook

One of our discoveries this year has been the Harber London brand. We have had the privilege of being able to test several of their products and we can affirm that quality prevails in all of them. We have to admit: it’s expensive. But its price is worth it.

This leather case is available in four different colors and in different sizes that will perfectly match your MacBook. It should be noted that it is a fairly fine model, which does not detract from the lightness of the laptop, but rather gives it an extra touch of elegance.

The interior of the sleeve is made from 100% wool felt, keeping your laptop protected at all times.

We cannot fail to mention that this is an artisan product made in Spain which, added to the quality of its raw material, makes the expensive price we mentioned make sense.

Mujjo Sleeve for MacBook Pro – The sleeve that protects the most

Mujjo Sleeve for MacBook Pro

Many people buy an Apple laptop just because it makes them look more stylish. If this is your case, we do not blame you. What’s more, we want you to be even more so with a case like this one from mujjo.

You will surely like the Danish design of the Mujjo Sleevealthough what most attracts us about it is that it has a felt that will completely protect your MacBook Pro. It also has several compartments to store your most precious possessions.

Incase Icon Sleeve for MacBook Pro – Best Magnetic Closure

Incase Icon Sleeve for MacBook Pro

After testing several laptop sleeves, we feel confident in saying that not all of them are worth it. One that we would recommend is this Incase Icon Sleeve, with a magnetic closure on the right side.

To manufacture it, those at Incase have created what they have called Tensaerlite technology. This means that the case can absorb shocks and thus protect your laptop from possible damage. In addition, the classic black color will give it a touch of elegance.

Mosiso Case for MacBook Pro 13″ – The most colorful case

Mosiso MacBook Pro Case

If instead of elegance you are looking for a cover that adds a fun and original touch to your laptop, then a Mosiso sleeve for MacBook Pro like the one you see in the image will be ideal for you.

You can choose from many different shades, but all of them will add a bit of color to your laptop. Plus, you can rest assured that your MacBook will be well protected.

KEC Case for MacBook Pro 13″ – The Most Artistic Case

KEC Case for MacBook Pro 13"

Another excellent option to add a touch of color to your MacBook Pro is the KECC shell collection. We love all of their designs, especially the multicolored ones. They also have single color models.

As with Mosiso covers, when you buy one shell of this brand you will take home a keyboard protector with the same pattern. In this way you can protect the laptop from scratches and bumps and the keyboard from the entry of water and dust.

Booq Cobra Squeeze – The best backpack

Booq Cobra Squeeze

Perhaps at a glance the backpack Booq Cobra Squeeze It seems a bit small to you, but we can assure you that your 15-inch MacBook Pro will fit perfectly. And the best thing is that it will be fully protected.

The design of this bag is designed so that the weight is distributed and thus does not burden your back. You will find compartments for everything you want to carry with you: your mobile and tabletsyour wallet, cables and chargers and much more.

Amazon Basics Laptop Sleeve – Best Basic Sleeve

Amazon Basics Laptop Sleeve

If you’ve spent all your savings on the latest-generation MacBook, you may be on a tight budget and want to buy a case that doesn’t cost much. You will find the solution in this Amazon laptop sleeve.

The Amazon Basics case is quite simple, but it does not offer less protection than desired. It does not have compartments or any special feature, but you may be interested to know that it is available in various sizes and colors.

Thule Gauntlet Case for MacBook Pro – The toughest case

Thule Gauntlet Case for MacBook Pro

If you think you need to protect your MacBook Pro against any possible threat, the only way to achieve that resistance will be if you store it in this Thule Gauntlet briefcase. Also available for 13-inch MacBook Pro.

You can carry the briefcase as you want. Carry it in your hand with the help of the top handles or use the strap to comfortably carry it over your shoulder. Also, you can turn it into a casing and use your laptop while it’s still protected.

Moshi iGlaze Case for MacBook Pro – The Most Discreet Case

Moshi iGlaze Case for MacBook Pro

Moshi is one of our trusted companies when it comes to protecting our Apple devices and it’s easy to see why. Not only do they offer complete protection against scratches and drops, but they also do it very elegantly.

An example of this is this iGlaze case for your MacBook Pro. It is available for several different models and also in a nice range of colors: black, pink, gold and transparent.

Moshi ClearGuard MB Keyboard Protector for MacBook Pro – Best Keyboard Protector

Moshi ClearGuard MB Keyboard Protector for MacBook Pro

In addition to protecting the outside of the laptop and its screen, we tend to forget the importance of protecting the keyboard as well. Finding the ideal keyboard protector will ensure that no crumbs, dust or liquid get into it.

A good option is this protector of Moshi. The ClearGuard MB it’s available on a wide variety of MacBooks, including the MacBook Pro range. Plus, you can choose between US, European, or Japanese configurations.

Woolnut Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro (13″) – Best Zipper Sleeve

Woolnut Leather Sleeve for 13" MacBook Pro

Woolnut is always a guarantee. We like their leather covers a lot and they stand out for their quality. This is why we don’t mind at all recommending this one for your 13″ MacBook Pro, which will be super protected.

Although we especially like this green color, you can also get it in black and cognac. All models come with a zipper on the side for added security, a protective lining inside and a couple of internal compartments for your cards.

Woolnut Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro (16″) – Best Leather Sleeve

Woolnut Leather Sleeve for 16" MacBook Pro

In fact, we like the quality of the Woolnut cases so much that we would also like to recommend this one for your 16″ Macbook Pro. Like the previous one, it is also available for several models, but only in black and cognac.

It is a little cheaper than the previous one, and that is surely explained by not having a closure. In this case, you will need to slide your MacBook Pro into the sleeve. We recommend that you do not put it upside down, although we doubt that you will drop it.

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