The VPN you should install on your iPhone

Surfing the Internet safely and anonymously is possible thanks to VPNs, which stand for Virtual Private Networks. This service is especially recommended when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network, a whim of hackers and curious.

Furthermore, precisely because of the anonymity they offer, vpn servers They allow you to access blocked or restricted content in your location by hiding your IP address and replacing it with another located in a country from where it can be consulted.

Keep in mind, however, that it is against the terms of use of some platforms like Netflix to access their content using a VPN, so think about the pros and cons before doing so.

In this article, we bring you the best VPNs available for iPhone, but not before explaining step by step how to configure your chosen server on a device smartphone either tablets Manzana.

If you want to take advantage of these private networks from a computer, you will be interested in consulting the lists of the best paid VPNs or the best free VPNs for Mac or MacBook.

Best VPNs for iPhone or iPad in 2022

NordVPN for Mac

The list of best VPNs for iPhone or iPad tops it NordVPN, surely the best private network currently on the market. Furthermore, it is not only available for Apple products, but also for Windows, Android and Linux.

It is an ideal service to take care of your privacy since it is located in Panama. This Latin American country is not part of the group of “14 eyes”, the states that have agreed to share the information that their citizens consult on the Internet.

If you contract this service, you will also enjoy the advantages of a switch Kill Switch, which will stop your internet connection in case the VPN stops working. In this way, your privacy will be safe at all times.

With the NordVPN server, you will be able to access more than 3,200 servers spread across more than 60 countries around the world. You will also be able to enjoy the new ad blocker and a very useful protector against malware.

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Surfshark for Mac

If you also want to protect your browsing with a private network but don’t want to spend a lot of money per month, you can rely on a product like Surfshark, without a doubt one of the cheapest VPNs on the market.

Don’t be fooled by the price. That it is so cheap compared to the others on the list does not mean that it offers a much worse service. Quite the contrary. Surfshark will allow you to protect the privacy of your iPhone and connect to services of streaming.

You will see how easy its interface will be to navigate, designed to offer the best possible user experience. It will not be difficult for you to find the list of countries to which you can connect to change your IP address.

In this sense, there are about 800 servers spread over 50 countries, which is not bad for a VPN at such a good price. You can connect as many times as you want and simultaneously on all your devices with just one subscription.

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The server ExpressVPN It is another of the most recommended options on this list since it is simple, fast, easy to use and with a wide variety of tools that make its high price -it is the most expensive- worthwhile.

One of the great virtues of this private network is the speed and efficiency with which its technical team solves the problems of its users, which gives this service complete confidence. It will only be enough for you to contact them and your problem will be solved immediately.

You can also be absolutely sure that your privacy will be fully protected. This VPN does not store any type of log and, in addition, its headquarters are located in the British Virgin Islands, therefore outside the group of the “14 eyes”.

Best of all, it includes a switch Kill Switch called “Network Lock” that will keep you protected even when the VPN connection fails. Therefore, you will no longer have to worry about your anonymity and security when browsing the Internet.

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CyberGhost for Mac

The free service CyberGhost is available to residents of Spain, who can use it from Windows and macOS devices. The application is only available for iOS and Android in its paid version, although it does include a free trial week.

This proxy ensures that you can browse the web privately, so even your Internet provider will not know what web pages you visit. To do this, CyberGhost will change your IP address and will also protect you from possible onlookers.

That said, this is not the ideal service if you want to visit location-blocked websites or if you want high browsing speed, unless you are willing to pay, as these features are only available in paid options.

As a positive aspect, it should be noted that CyberGhost does not limit the megabytes that you can consume while browsing the web, which makes it especially a good ally for watching videos on-line. Of course, it will automatically disconnect after three hours.

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Specially designed for families, the connection VyprVPN allows you to browse the Internet securely and privately on more than one device at a time. In this sense, you will be able to enjoy Netflix from another country on your iPad while someone else does it from their iPhone or Mac.

It is also ideal for large families because it has a fast and very easy-to-use interface, through which each of the members of the family -young or old- will learn to function without problems.

The most comprehensive service also gives you access to the Cloud VyprVPN cloud platform, the ability to break VPN blocking, and the ability to bypass censorship restrictions with Chamelon Protocol.

Similar to other servers, this VPN has more than 700 servers from all over the world, which means that you have a wide variety of options to choose from to hide your IP address. Tu privacy will be protected with the switch Kill Switch.


Another of the most popular services that generates more confidence is PureVPN, which offers a great all-round private and secure connection. Easy to install and packed with features, it also offers access to blocked websites.

In addition to being fast and having a more than reasonable price, it is located outside the reach of the “14 eyes” zone, which even more guarantees your privacy. The fact that its location is in China can put you off a bit.

This server has a kind of built-in auto dialer, which makes it automatically reconnect when the connection is suddenly interrupted. In this way, your privacy will always be protected.

If you decide to bet on this VPN, you will have more than 750 servers spread across 141 countries at your fingertips. That means the options for changing your IP address are clearly global and superior to other private networks.

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Ivacy is the closest thing you can find to a free but paying VPN service, as its price is very affordable. But this does not mean that it is not good, we repeat, it is simply very cheap.

Its cost for two years is practically the same as what you should pay to have another service with these characteristics for five years or more, which already makes it one of your best options.

In addition to this, of course, Ivacy is very practical because you can install it on both your iPhone and iPad (in addition to many other devices). Also, you can use this service on up to 5 devices at the same time.

It is true that it does not have the largest number of services in the world and it does not have the fastest speeds, but its value for money is practically unbeatable.

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How to set up a VPN on iPhone or iPad?

If you’ve come this far, you probably need to use a VPN server on your iPhone or iPad, but you may not know the exact process to set it up. Here are the steps to follow, much simpler than you might think.

1. Open the ‘Settings‘ of your iPhone or iPad and select the section ‘General‘.

two. Scroll down until you find the ‘vpn‘. If you still do not have any private network connected, the message ‘Without connection‘. Then tap on ‘Add VPN configuration‘.

3. Finally, enter the data of the server you have contracted.

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