They create the most difficult Rubik’s Cube to solve in the world, and its simplicity will surprise you

Rubik's Cube Impossible

As the logo of this blog is the Rubik’s cube for everything it represents for geek culture, whenever we come across news related to it we love to share it, and this week The “Rubik’s Cube Impossible” is born, what is perhaps the most difficult Rubik’s cube to solve.

It is a traditional Rubik’s cube in all its essence, without any special technological addition. What makes it truly different from Rubik’s Cube Impossible, and perfect for Rubik’s experts who want a new challenge, or for masochists as well, is that this cube has the particularity, that its squares change color depending on the angle you look at them.

This change of color that reminds us of the holographic cards of some card games makes the strategy of solving the cube based on our sight and the memory of the position of the colors, extremely complex or even impossible in some cases, since the Constantly varying color matching causes us to constantly lose our reference points, making it impossible to solve for those who are not truly Rubik’s masters.

The Rubik’s Cube Impossible is a challenge even for the most experienced

Rubik’s Cube Impossible has been developed by MegaHouse, a subsidiary of Bandai Namco that produces Rubik’s Cubes on behalf of Spin Master in Japan. One of the things that makes this cube extremely difficult to solve is that each square changes color differently depending on the angle of light, so the disorientation is even greater.

Rubik's Cube Impossible

According to the promotional video of the product, two great masters of the Rubik’s cube, capable of solving a traditional cube in less than a minute, were faced with this new challenge, resulting in one of the teachers gave up completely after a whilewhile the second one eventually managed to solve it, but after a long battle of more than three hours.

On the MegaHouse website, the Rubik’s Cube Impossible is promoted at an approximate exchange price of about $25 dollars, with launch by the end of this 2022. Would you buy one of these impossible cubes (perhaps perfect to play a prank on someone ), or would you prefer to stick with the traditional Rubik’s cube?

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